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friday 10/01

All done, Thank you

Hello i'm looking for some Wee Lee 0exp

14 Wee Lee 0exp (85k/each) vs 1 Pericles Mt 0exp 1.2m (avaible x15)

or with cash i offer 70k each directly in my private sale

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Si intéressé par des pfulls contactez moi par mp.

Got 6 left

thursday 09/01

Guru 0 exp for you lyse

I sell mu guru cr 0 exp for 11 mill if u want

Offering 2 m for kenny let me know on mp if you send a private sale.

wednesday 08/01

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If Spyke you sell for 1.1k sell me now smiley

The deal is done,
Close the thread please smiley

tuesday 07/01

Lady Ametia traded

no longer looking for kalindra.
#Looking for Ymirah Cr

I have for trade :
1 Spiaghi Mt 0xp 1150k
1 Hemdall Cr full xp 350k
1 Ymirah Cr 0xp 2100k
43 Mudster 0xp 3.5k/h
1 Miss Twice Cr 0xp 1600k

I am looking for any xp
1 Behemoth 375k
1 Saitamurai 275k
1 Bahari 130k
1 Dagg Cr 270k
1 Dregn Mt 1150k

all negotiable

Bought Atkinson , Captain Rescue and Hawk

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