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monday 21/09

You don't actually need doubles of a card. If the BM mission was for 1 double, you literally only need one copy of that card for the BM to work.

Bonjour je mets aux enchères un beau lot de 501 Figaro 0xp PDD =220K/t

Je prends le cash même si certaines cartes qui m'intéressent mais tout le market est en OPA donc je risque de pas vous faire plaisir niveau estimation ... essayez quand même

Fin de l'enchère demain ,mardi à 23h30 ( dernière offre à 23h29), merci.

0XP Lyse Teria

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What cards are u still looking for and what cards can you still offer?

sunday 20/09

I buy all your Pietro 0xp 6K /T

1. I buy Kreen Cr 0xp in cash at 2M1/t max 50


2. I exchange my Sigmund Mt 0xp vs 50 Kreen Cr 0xp


100 VANDAM - 42M
50 BAZALT - 16.5M

PM for faster response

I look to buy 50 LaFleur for 60k each, write to me in pm or just send trade

Yesterday he was 150k, morons

@LARRY1311 what are FR Cards ?!

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Hi bro

Oon Cr 1,9m/t

lote 100x ? mp


saturday 19/09

Deal for bloodh send it over smiley

I buy all the No Nam you can offer for 9000/t
Trade possible for big qty

Thank you

That 200k is from my part, not the trader lol

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