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wednesday 18/03

Closing the thread.


tuesday 17/03

Close this please and thank you.

Ok my splata cr + 100k vs your 2 merweise cr 0 xp

No more looking for him, thanks.

Hey everyone,
Looking to sell or trade my Lyse Teria Mt full xp and B Mappe Cr 0xp
I value Lyse 8M5 and Mappe 4M2
Looking for cash or Cannibal Jo Mt 0xp valued 13M or full xp one valued at 12M5

Trading K. 0 xp 33M on market right now so price is negotiable
I am looking for (any xp):
Cash( will do a discount if you buy full cash)
DJ Korr Cr 9.5M
Kiki Cr 6.5M
Guru Cr 6.5M
Lyse Teria Mt 9M
General Mt 22M
Mt's 1.05M
Cr's 105k
Feel free to offer smiley

monday 16/03

Looking for
Lyse Teria
N Mappe
Lady Ametia

All gone, please can you close thread

Close thread please

I am selling 4 0xp Death Adders and 4 Full death adders.
Looking mainly for cash and any xp The Rocktana`s.

PM for faster answer/

I value Dragan at 17 M, and DJ Khorr at 9.2 M
So I'll wait for your propositions for the complement.
(preferably NO cheap cr.)
You can directly DM me.

Current prices:

Shaakarti Cr 0 Exp (190k)
Noctezuma Cr 0 Exp (405k)

I accept cheapest crs, 103k per card.
Look to my sales if they're sold or not.

sunday 15/03

Close this, Jo is gone.

Pm if interested

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