saturday 02/03

Sure, no problem.
Hope your poll gives a reasonable conclusion and answer for the Dutch Community.

Personally, I do not use Emotes, even in the game as I feel it is giving away a move, though I think in UR, it is a context to communicate visible irritation or to signal plays meant for Mission Completion purposes.

Not sure about Kate`s equivalent to smiley though.

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friday 01/03

Is it me or is there an error. When I read Wilo Ld and Kaboom, I notice they are the 6th toy? Is this a typo.

wednesday 27/02

Well my tactic is to just play like the legend I am


On another note the only advice I'd give is , stop playing if you are on a losing streak and you are tilted , since the no of matches is limited , better to change decks and/or play later.
Good luck

monday 25/02

sunday 24/02

Either tap the screen every interval, or use the settings to change the interval.
You can set it to the never sleep mode or sleep if there's five minutes of inactivity and so on.

saturday 23/02

In Daily Tournaments, if your opponent has played 3 rounds, and cannot possibly win, sometimes said opponent will forfeit just so you get less points. This is sometimes, albeit VERY RARELY useful if you and your opponent are close in the Tourney rankings, so your efforts to win the Tourney are harmed.

In EFC, players usually leave when they know they lost or just cannot win, such as drawing a Hive hand vs Raptors, or such scenarios.

Although, when big missions arrive, a good number of fights left annoy the players who are playing the missions themselves, as that battle was time wasted to gain no progress on said mission.

thursday 21/02

@PtitBeur2LU I don't know exactly which cards, I thought of this game late last night when I realized that Dookor literally beats 99% of cards pill for pill

wednesday 20/02

Syck burn, Homie Jesus!!!smiley

And Lancedbz, they fixed the points in EFC, at least as much as they're going to. It's much better now!

This isn't something I'd considered before as I don't really play tourney. Certainly an interesting idea though smiley

saturday 16/02

friday 15/02

That Intro is old, like 2009 old. You can tell because it uses the old music and for some reason the staff are not interested in using the old soundtrack.
Also the new Clan icons are trash, you go from these simple, Iconic symbols used for over a decade, to these overdesigned and completely different colored icons that make clash with the cards' original color scheme. It's a terrible change.

thursday 14/02 you can't play n yr browser without a super computer....i have to wait all day to borrow the ipad just so i can get my 'daily box'...............

The app for android is so small you cant pick out the correct. so i came on the website to be able to see and i cant delete form the website. the steam site is also two small. the old format was nice i played on an iphone then so i cant say how its looks on there

Well @Turgoyak is kinda right, ELO is kinda disheartening, even for a returning player like me...The point gain/loss ratio does not seem to be that great...They should at least adjust it for low lvls of ELO

I'd rather just play Tourney 1 as a returning player, because that looks like the game mode where you can achieve the most with relatively low time investment

and @Oldbxy , well I hate most card games because I really hate memorizing deck types and meta if the enemy have X or Y in their hand I lost, but if they did not draw that the last 2 turns I win with this card I just draw..etc etc...

UR is straightforward and simple, yet so so complex...and this is why I returned to the game... I don't need to memorize deck, compsositions and read lenghty card desciptions..just plain bluffing and mindgames with the deck you made

wednesday 13/02

The recent app update was useless. Instead of improving the gameplay they just reskinned everything. Still exactly the same functionality. For example, the pillz button during the fight. My finger still slips off it when i hit the + button and i accidentally hit fury sometimes when i don't want to. Instead of redesigning the button, they just updated the graphics...

wednesday 06/02

The new comic is available only in 5 minutes.

tuesday 29/01

Isolator GUB

I posted lots. Then I got the message, obviously I decided not to do anything and wait. Now I see, that message is meaningless if you want to continue posting lots to market. Nonsensical, but well, who cares, I consider this issue resolved, no more questions, I thank everyone for the help

sunday 27/01

I use a rainbow deck including Sum Sam Cr , Lao Cr , # Lamar cr and Sigmund Mt and Robert Cobb but only for fun

friday 25/01

Thank you for the info guys

thursday 24/01

The comic itself.

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