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saturday 14/03

Let´s see if somebody is interested.

My Ratanah MT is full exp and want to trade spyke any exp + 100k

Hi all i'm selling Kenny Mt which i value 3.2m rn.

I'm looking for Pericles Mt (1.1m) and Merweiss Cr (1.3m)
If you have those two you can add clintz.

Are u interested guru cr 0 exp and complement?

Hi i got samsung Cr on the wheel and looking for offers, im looking for bulks.Kenny MT (will add for Kenny) or just some general offers thank you so much everyone

I'm looking for a 0xp Xantiax Rob Cr (970k)
my offer: Drakorah Cr max xp, Lost Hog Cr Max XP, and Melissa Cr 0xp, plus 250k clintz. If interested or to work out another deal hit me up.

All cards sold.

No longer need Volkan Cr.

friday 13/03

I buy for 160.000 smiley

Still looking willing to listen to other offers as well smiley

thursday 12/03

Found jackie
only oon cr and some rares left.
You can look to my private sales, closing this thread.

4 pandora are gone
2 full 9 0 xp left
now needing quetzal any xp

Hello In want 4 elya cr 0xp 1.1M and i have 4 Ombre cr 0xp 750k and 4 romana cr 0xp 350k


Bro, if you want
2x kalindra cr full plus 100k for your splata cr,smiley

wednesday 11/03

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And Torkan for 800 each smiley

Trades done, thanks!

Trades done, closed smiley smiley

Shawoman Cr 0 Exp (645k) + Florida Jane Cr 0 Exp (190k) + x3 Sobek 0 Exp (70k/per card) + 30k clintz for your Graks any exp.

Trading My Elya CR and my Jackie CR for Akrakk and Merweiss cr.
Possibly both trades with one person.
DM me if interested.

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