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monday 06/01

I sell a few unique ones in market .Generally post your sales offer heresmiley

I value my Lamar Cr at about 3.3M i'll always sell below market price obviously.. I'm looking for Crs / Cards to trade too

Melissa Cr 620m
Ambrose Cr 860m
Reine Cr 960m
Armanda Cr 1.9M
#Ndolo Cr 2M
MKali 350m

All Prices are from the market, but they are not fixed (the market itself is unstable). Send me your offers! smiley

Or an offer with Sigmund Mt and 10M in Mt or Cr cards

sunday 05/01

Hey guys, I’m looking for Alec Mt.

I’m willing to offer Tanaereva Cr + 500k.

PM me for offers.smiley

Language on the explanation needs to be in English if it's in the English Forums please.

I will close the thread for now.

Offer is still active. Conditions are the same.

I change my Cr's:
- 23 Bloodh cr 180k/u (4M140k) , 8 0xp y 15 full
- Tessa cr 0 XP 3M400k
- Thaumaturge cr 0 XP 600k
- Skullface cr 0 XP 600k
- Bodenpower cr 260k
Total : 9 M for sigmund MT.

PM for best results

saturday 04/01

Send me you offers and i'll reply in dm. #Onn CR

Wrong forums
this is the English forums not the French one

Hello all,

I have a Xiantac Robb CR and a Splata CR for trade.
Im looking for Frozn and Vortex cards mostly but am open to other offers,
Mostly interested in Ymirah Cr, Kalindra Cr, Dregn Mt and clintz.
Pm me if interested or with offers. smileysmiley

Hello everyone!
I am offering an 0xp Merweiss Cr for any xp Lady Ametia + 200k, PM me if anyone's interested

friday 03/01

M2 sansot 0xp + 100k for your Emeth Cr
Interesting ?

Send PM to deal the price
Thank you

Hello everyone!
I am offering an 0xp Merweiss CR for any xp Lady Ametia, dm me if anyone's interestedsmiley

thursday 02/01

Cerco Lizbet Mt qualsiasi exp

19 m clintz if u want contact me

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