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sunday 20/09

Yesterday he was 150k, morons

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Hi bro

Oon Cr 1,9m/t

lote 100x ? mp


saturday 19/09

Deal for bloodh send it over smiley

I buy all the No Nam you can offer for 9000/t
Trade possible for big qty

Thank you

That 200k is from my part, not the trader lol

I am trading 0xp for Mt, i put a Mts wishlist down.
Mts i want:
Jackie Cr
Dregn Mt
Pericles Mt
Ratanah Mt

Pm for offers


friday 18/09


Lots of another card same in mp smiley

I’m not looking anymore for Alec Mt

Still looking for Kerozinn Mt

Demande à Hedi il en a tout un régiment

Got them thanks

Possible Trades: (current market price)

2 ahnutt for 1 serafina + 650k
3 ahnutt for for 4 akrakk
2 ahnutt + 800k for 1 death adder
4 ahnutt for 10 sobek
1 ahnutt for X-Hares + 100k
4 ahnutt for 1 enigma + 1m
1 ahnutt for 2 m2 sansot

We can discuss the differences, just send me a pm if you wanna do trades. (all are possible multiple times.)

Cards don't have to be from 2006 to 2010 XD and it could be big lots of same cards .

will also take uncomon lots wisp me

Valhala has been traded with BB-Qzidann.

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