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thursday 14/05

Thread closed

wednesday 13/05

Got them thanks bro

Watch out akrakks price just spiked bro

Buying Manaa Cerci at 800k a piece.

Alec Mt full + 2M ?

Buy Juicy Lord 0xp 15k/e directly in my vp

Looking for a cheap Kerozinn Mt.

Closed lot only, 25k/each in my vp

tuesday 12/05

I value my full K. at 16.5M and the 0exp at 17.5M.

I have vickie tessa lamar caelus cr and other 0 exp

Cortez - 240k new price smiley

I was lucky in the lottery wheel. I get $$$ Collector - VIckie CR
(if it is the top collector, better do not spin the wheel)

My Guru Cr 0 xp for your guru cr full xp + 160K

Deal negotiable.

Pm to negociate.

You can see on each Character Page in which packs you can find the card:


edited by DUC Edwin tuesday 12/05, 13:12

Im looking for Sigmund Mt (10kk)

I offer a combination of:
- 4kk Clintz
- Alec Mt 0xp -> 4,5kk
- Lamar Cr 0xp -> 2,2kk
- Lizbeth Mt 0xp -> 1,8kk
- Sum Sam Cr 0xp -> 1,6kk
- 2x Dregn Mt 0xp -> 2x 1,5kk
- #Ratanah 0xp -> 1,4kk
- Jackie Cr -> 1,1kk
- Blaaster Cr 0xp -> 1kk

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