thursday 15/11

wednesday 14/11

Clintz preferably.
Also looking for:
Xantiax Robb cr/ will add clints
Alec Mt/ will add clints

16.5m and 2x Kougloff

pm me if you have any offers as well smiley

tuesday 13/11

I can make other trade!

7 Striker Cr Oxp 290k/u , total 2M030
For 1 No Love Oxp 2M. 2 times.

Sorry are 2 million Clintz! Lol

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No Love and Kreenk have gone!
Quetzal is no longer needed!


(Ignorando o nick pa n dar o prazer ao lion smiley

I have a Guru Cr 0xp i want to use, i would hate to level him up so i wanna trade for a full xp one, no compensation necessary.

I offer Guru Cr 0xp
I request Guru Cr Full XP

Hi! I would like to buy a Rowdy CR for 200k Clintz.

Please, contact me by DM if you are interested

monday 12/11

Good afternoon

I trade:
- Kiki Cr 0 xp 16,5M
- Rass Cr 0 xp 2,85M
- 2 Jim Cr 0 xp 1,3M/t
- Swidz Cr 0 xp 0,75M

I am looking for:
- DJ Korr Cr 0 xp 20M
- Guru Cr 0 xp 17M
- Lyse Teria Cr 0 xp 16,5M
- General Cr 0 xp 14,8M
- Cannibal Jo Cr full 10M and 0 xp 10,3M
- Vickie Cr full 3,5M
- Splata Cr 0 xp 3,2M
- Alec Mt full 3,2M
- Armanda Cr 0 xp 3,1M
- Lao Cr 0 xp 3,1M
- Sigmund Cr full 3M
- Shawoman Cr 0 xp 2,5M
- Elya Cr 0 xp 2,4M
- Flavio Cr 0 xp 2,2M
- Ombre Cr 0 xp 2M
- Death Adder full 1,9M
- Ambrose Cr 0 xp 1M
- Melissa Cr 0 xp 0,83M

Write me in PM

I wont do that again next time.thanku guyz

He is not obliged to do anything because you spoke first.
He could have changed his mind, received a better offer or simply not like you xD

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I am looking to trade my
Miss Twice Cr 0xp (2,4kk)
Ombre Cr (2kk) and cash
Price is negotiable.

Sent offer.

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