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sunday 02/02

Lol hotshot maybe you and your oh so sporty brain should leave this guy alone. Pub-V got all the right in the world to make a sell thread

Hi to everybody i buy 1 DJ Korr Cr i offer 17.5m cash

Got merweiss, don’t have Vickie now. Still need the others.

Hello; my Général 0xp vs dragan 0xp and sigmund 0xp

or général full vs dragan full and sigmund full

thanks you

J'achète : Nemo Mt 0xp --> 3,6m/t

Max 10


saturday 01/02

I need about 100 Oon Noel full exp i pay 1k per piece
If you like to sell me your pieces then put them on my privat sell and when i'm on i buy them

thursday 30/01

I'm looking for a lot of Melanie 0xp
10k each

Wrong forum, sorry.

Okay accepte the trad smiley

Hi, please stick to a single thread for your purchases. Making multiple ones doesn't make it any easier to get offers and you just bump every other thread down in the process. smiley

wednesday 29/01

Not to mention that you already have a pre-existing thread with all 4 that you wanted.

Looking for this character. Pm me best price

Looking to buy this character, pm me best price.

Buying kenny mt best price pm me

tuesday 28/01

Dounia mt full vs marlysa fullsmiley

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