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thursday 14/05

Pm for Mr dark

Dragan Mt and you add 2m?

Looking to sell 175 copies of Nero 0xp valued at 185k/t

Accepting clintz
And highly value cards;
Dj: 10m5
Scarlett 22M
Lady Amentia 3m1

5 0xp scarlett remaining


I buy 3 Smokey Mt 0xp for 2M1 each


Selling 14 Akrakk 0exp, I value them at market price but I can negotiate and trade for cards if they peak my interest. I'm looking for EFC-legal semi-evo CR's and rares. PM me offers.

Thread closed

wednesday 13/05

Got them thanks bro

Watch out akrakks price just spiked bro

Buying Manaa Cerci at 800k a piece.

Alec Mt full + 2M ?

Buy Juicy Lord 0xp 15k/e directly in my vp

Looking for a cheap Kerozinn Mt.

Closed lot only, 25k/each in my vp

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