monday 15/07

I'm looking for Xantiax Robb Cr any xp 3.2m + compensation for my Volkan Cr 0xp 6m

Or Lamar Cr (0 Exp) + 1.8m smiley

sunday 14/07

0xp guru for your 0xp Lyse
PM, thx

saturday 13/07

Got Sum Sam smiley

Now is Lyse for Cannibal (1:1)

Trade my Berserkgirl Cr with your atkinson and death adder?

Oon Cr, Noodile Cr and rhed Cr are off the table

Thank you

Hi, i want to buy 15 Kinjo O exp for 70k/each.

Please send them by private sells!


friday 12/07

Have to state which cards and price please

My Volkan Cr 0xp for Kerozinn Mt
Straight trade PM if you would like to negotiate prices

Pleasure doing business with you smiley

thursday 11/07

Hello everyone, I'm looking for #Dj Full xp.

My DJ Korr Cr 0xp VS your full DJ Korr Cr full + 250k


Salut !

J'offre ma Volkan Cr 0xp pour votre Volkan Cr fullxp + 250k clintz.

Merci !

Good afternoon,

I offer 0 xp:
General Mt 16M
Sigmund Mt 9M
Vickie Cr 3,75M
4 Caelus Cr 1,3M/t
7 ImperaSloane Cr 265k/t
4 Ongh Cr 540k/t
2 Robb Cr 370k/t
3 Bloodh Cr 155k/t
Sledg Cr 92k
50 Schredder 75k/t (not separable)

Ombre Cr 1,15M
Lizbeth Cr 950k
GraksmxxT Mt 700k
Cassio Cr 450k
2 Kolos Cr 420k/t

I am looking for 0 xp (just one copy):
CASH (at least 30% for General Mt)
Cannibal Jo Cr 12M
Dragan Mt 10,5M
B Mappe Cr 6,75M
Kerozinn Mt 6,5M
Sum Sam Cr 5,65M
Alec Mt 4,8M
Splata Cr 4M
Marlysa Cr 3,8M
Lamar Cr 3,65M
Xantiax Robb Cr 3M
Elya Cr 2,8M
NDololo Cr 2,4M
Berserkgirl Cr 1,85M
Shawoman Cr 1,75M
Miss Twice Cr 1,4M
Sylth Cr 1,1M
Ambrose Cr 1M
Jim Cr 900k
Melissa Cr 850k
Atkinson 750K
Dalhia Cr 650k
Skullface Cr 550k
Crook 500k
Beltran Cr 470k
Noctezuma Cr 400k

Spyke Mt gone

wednesday 10/07

Good afternoon,

I am looking for 1.000 Bob Joby 0 xp and full. I pay 1.8k for 0 xp and 1.7k for full.

Send in my private sale if you are interested smiley

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