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friday 16/10

Buying Griffon

Hi, I'm looking for Lady Ametia Cr 28M cash
Mp me


1 dj traded 1 more to go

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I can't buy common anymore
only rare and uncommon message pls

I can offer a Guru cr too

Hello, I have 130M clintz to spend and I want to buy Volkan Cr, Guru Cr and Kiki Cr. PM me if you're interested I'd like to get all 3 for a total of 130M. Thanks.

@FirEbeastR Charlie Cr 0 exp 6.1M in market

I sell a lot of 18 Sheshko 0exp 2.1M each

thursday 15/10

As the title states.
Looking for: 7 Captain Rescue (any xp)
Trading away: 1 Xantiax Robb Cr (0xp)

Post here or PM. Preferably PM.

X1 #harlie Cr obtained. Swidz Cr, Oon Cr and Mr Dark are no longer available. Now mainly looking for Kiki Cr smiley

Sell cards

65x Katan 0xp 115k/t
50x Bridge 0xp 350k/t
50x Magnolia 0xp 170k/t
50x Brody 0xp 200k/t
50x Eris 0xp 160k/t
40x Pilzken 0xp 410k/t

acept cash and Cr

Make it 6 and you got a deal

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