monday 06/08

Thanks guys... Time to play some dumb tutorials.


thursday 02/08

Would that not make Freaks or Berzerk the worst?

One of them is just a giant Circus, the others enjoy brawling no matter who is in them and sometimes against each other smiley

Since you mentioned Slade and Maximus in particular, I assume you mean the one card releases that go into NB packs.

The four big examples (Serafina, C0re, Maximus and Slade) were about 3-4 months apart. Hardly an exact pattern, but a bit faster than the one extra card to round out the new bloods to an "even" release.

I agree with Izy7, Miss Hermosa ftw! smileysmiley

wednesday 01/08

Yes, all of the S5 LD's are still locked behind Arcade until further notice.

When I mean majority I mean what ever clan they have the most of it can be only haven say 1 more card then there other clan's they get that clans ld if hey don't have a new player can have 13 cards of one clan as long as it is the clan they have the most cards of they will get that ld. if they have both the ld's it goes to the next clan witch could have say 6 card's. that be the second clan they have the most cards of they get those ld if they all ready have both of the clan they have the most of.

this way even new players can get the ld's from the clan they like. if say they have 2 clans with the same amount of cards then it will randmomly pick a ld from a clan that dose not have a ld in it. like it is now.

no big changed to the all ready exsisting ld mission set up other then the players can control witch ld's they get by selling or buying more cards to make a serten clan have the most cards in it to get those ld's win win for all UR get player playing longer an have them buying more to collect more cards an players get the ld's they wont.

Platinume an tyd need replaced with a different one but all in all it should do fine if you get use to it an figure whens the best time to use them.

tuesday 31/07

I agree with itzzwan. This method is fine, and you do not have to think how to play against each clan when their ld missions are up

How do you get chopper ld

On a serious note, i am fine with them gone. it's not like they were particularly audible behind the damage being dealt by the winning card anyway.

monday 30/07

How about Grey who used to be the Freaks clown before ending up in prison and joining the Raptors Clan.

saturday 28/07

That's more likely yes.

thursday 26/07

Yes... Thanks staff. I have been playing since 2007.. a part from the break around when FR was still around... I LOVE this game. I will never be a great player but that doesn't matter to me. I love playing. Doing guild mates. collecting the cards. I love the art and the story lines. I hit my goal this year and now Own all the non MT cards...(I really wish that putting cards in guild bank wouldnt change my ranking but anyway...) You all have kept me into this game.

Thanks for the hard work!

Her bio calls it Zombieval which is a sport invented by Ielena Cr.

I would use the term Shot Put for Kang, but hammer throw would depend on cultural preference on how to say it.

Oh. Did not read that part carefully. My bad. Otherwise, seems good to me.

wednesday 25/07

I've had success with playing with just common cards and enjoying the challenge of beating people with CR's that I didn't know existed.

Been playing this deck and having a ton of fun with it.

The same goes for the Gothika mission: Win 30 pillz with Guillotinette in ELO mode! smiley

tuesday 24/07

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When I say slade I mean teen titans slade

monday 23/07

I only play mobile and i don't face many issues tbh, maybe it's better on steam/mobile than in browser.

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