saturday 06/07/2013

Adept check secure trade

Update now adding c wing, mikaal, virginia

Mokra Roger Bligdgey Bubblgum T47 for scubb raeth

I am assuming your Marlysa Cr is full xp?

Yes it is start the Se?

If it is pure cash it will be done through Private sales but if it has any cards it will be ES

I sell 32 zapatino 0xp for 25k

It's a shame he's worth 22k on the market right now, otherwise this'd be a good deal. smiley

I sell 46 shazam for 20k (they're all 0xp!!!)

I got it too

End of Auction. Congratulations to COLOSSAL-TCA! smiley

Still looking, chiara CR for 3 daddy jones!

Are you interested in trading a kiki or are you just commenting? if so what else do you want with general?

friday 05/07/2013

Check the french forum instead smiley

edited by Cyber friday 05/07/2013, 18:31

Please send all credit related problems to the support with this link.

I trade 577 desmond 0exp (2,1 each)

I accept cr, cash ecc..

Thanks smiley

End of Auction. Congratulations to clep1979! smiley


Looking for mainly Clint's

Pm offers

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