tuesday 09/07/2013

I put in the title, a big powerful, vigorous, Herculean, stout and robust DJ Korr Cr 0XP
I value by 10.1 M

I accept:

Another big cr (do not want to Lyse Teria Cr)
cr playable (can accept unplayable but not receive letters that have increased their price from one day to another)
Lots (left to review and approval)

Similarly I will cherish almost everything offered to me, everything will be done for secure exchange

Do you expect to get this great card?

I value everything at current fair market price

Does anyone have a card from the uppers that removes life from your opponent i well trade or buy

I dont think he realized when he proposed it ... lets not say him a scammer so early

35k in my vp

I sell miss twice cr 0xp, i accept only two offers:

1) 215k cash
2) jackie cr + 100k cash or cards


Lol, 1k smiley

I am looking for 0 xp or 4th level timber . Offer me your price/copy

Also looking for other cheap 5* below level 5(any xp) and cheaper than 500 clintz.

PM me whatever offers you got.

Sell or exchange for Uchtul 0XP
I rate them 5.7 k each

They are cursed xD

Such sick things destroy the game spirit -_-

If you are interested in some Fang Pi, Pussycats, or Vortex, can I trade for your Kazayan?

178,000 clintz for a award cr

Im looking forward to get a Ulu Watu deck and i have some cards i wish to exchange instead of using clintz on market.

The cards am willing to exchange:
Kati, Linda, Rei, Sakazuki, Scotty, Moegura, Crowen, Jeena and Dalhia CR( for a good offer).

The cards am looking for:
Serena, Hikiyousan, Wee Lee, Stanley, Lulabee, Buck

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