sunday 07/07/2013

87 0 exp chiara cr for your marlysa cr
or i can replace up to 10 chiara cr 0 exp with a cortez (5 total, 1 cortez = 2 chiara)
or i can even replace 14 0 exp chiara cr with 1 tanerava cr 0 exp
or i can substitute 3 haaken 0 exp for 1 chiara cr 0 exp (up to 31 times )
many diffrent possible offers pm me if intrested smiley

I see nothing.

Can add more if you pm me.

Didn't on iPhone = switched to Mac

saturday 06/07/2013

I'm feeling particularly generous right now. Abunai 129, you'll find a Heitachi in your private sale for 50 clintz smiley

I forgot about this

I want Vickie Cr not clintz you idiot

Dropping price to 1.1m

Adept check secure trade

Update now adding c wing, mikaal, virginia

Mokra Roger Bligdgey Bubblgum T47 for scubb raeth

I am assuming your Marlysa Cr is full xp?

Yes it is start the Se?

If it is pure cash it will be done through Private sales but if it has any cards it will be ES

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