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I realy love this game, but in the latest IOS version the flashmissions can't be seen since the last update.
Instead of that I have two tabs called "gamemodes".
To even see the flashmissions i have to go to the site in a browser. This is realy anoying.
I start complaining because its now for 2 months like this and it wasnt shown on the to do list.

Bringing out new bloods, means new flashmissions.

plz fix this bug !

I realy love this game, but in the latest IOS version the flashmissions can't be seen since the last update.
Instead of that I have two tabs called "gamemodes".
To even see the flashmissions i have to go to the site in a browser. This is realy anoying.
I start complaining because its now for 2 months like this and it wasnt shown on the to do list.

Bringing out new bloods, means new flashmissions.

plz fix this bug !

dinsdag 11/07/2017

maandag 10/07/2017

Jullie wachten er al maanden op, en nu is het uur gekomen om te ontdekken wie jullie gaan kiezen...

En jullie hebben een heleboel keus dit jaar! Dit is de lijst met meisjes die kandidate zijn voor de verkiezing van Miss Clint City 2017!

Yomi Ld
La Iguana
Wave Ld
Nami Ld
Iris Morana
Oda Helpah
Poppy Mary

MISS" target="_blank">https://www.urban-rivals.com/poll">MISS CLINT CITY 2017

First round: starting today and running for 7 days: vote for your favorite contestant from all those taking part! The three characters with the most votes will go through to the final round!

Final round: starting from 07/11 and running for 7 days: vote for your favorite contestant from the three finalists (click here: MISS" target="_blank">https://www.urban-rivals.com/poll">MISS CLINT CITY 2017 )! The character with the most votes will be our new Miss Clint City 2017!

P.S. Unfortunately, Maana Cercei and her daughter did not want to take part in the contest…

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Drakorah decided to leave Clint City to return to the paradise of his youth.

But his departure did not go unnoticed. He is after all on the large side...

A little Knight, fascinated by fairy tales, decided to set off on an adventure in pursuit of Drakorah!

But Oon had no idea that after leaving Clint City, he would have to
pass through OrfanWoods, the impenetrable forest surrounding the city’s
confines, and that his real quest would start here...

Meanwhile, on the very same day, Lizbeth was also nowhere to be seen...

Some say that she hopped in a boat to go and hunt Krakens in the
south of the peninsula, while others believe she left on the lookout for
Smokey. Find Oon, Drakorah and Lizbeth all week in the shop’s packs.
no longer be available on the Market from Wednesday. And as of next
Monday, they’ll never again be distributed in the shop’s packs.

maandag 03/07/2017

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Five years ago, Kenny left the Nightmare manor and Clint City to try and
rekindle the sacred flame that had always burned within him, but was
mysteriously going out. His quest took him to a monastery on the west of
the city, among the disciples of the God Griffonmor, who helped him
relight the divine flame. While he was there, he took the opportunity to
try and get to the bottom of some other mysteries that had been
consuming him. However, certain arcane secrets have remained such for
good reason, and as a result of dabbling with them, Kenny lost all
control over his powers. Instead, he was transformed into a huge ball of
fire that threatened to destroy the entire region. The Rescue clan
rushed to the scene, all the way from Clint City, to try and put out the
flames. However, the situation rapidly got out of control, and they had
no choice but to bring out of the retirement the city’s bravest and
most skilled firefighter, Alec. Although Alec accepted the mission, he
was quickly forced to face facts: the only way to put out the blaze
would be to explode the very core of the fire. And the only way to do
that would be for someone to sacrifice themselves. As far as Alec was
concerned there was no way he was going to let anyone else do that job
for him...

vrijdag 30/06/2017

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The Frozn Shaman, who was the first to see the GhosTowns turn up, is now permanently available in the shop’s packs!

So why not try your luck?!

Happy gaming to you all smiley

dinsdag 27/06/2017

no change

When we modified Krazan Ld, we wanted to boost the usage of Roots mono clan decks in ELO.
However, EFC is much different. Creating a mono clan deck in Z Palace is very difficult. We changed him in order to a be an option available both for bi clans and mono clans.
However, in Polit Arena the clan is used really too much. With this change to Krazan, to compensate, we decided to ban Curlix there.

We changed the stats of Fomalhaut Ld, from 7-4 to 8-3. This should boost the clan a bit in the higher zones, while keeping the original spirit of the card.

The clan has been played very few recently in higher zones. We think the 2 reasons are the fact that the clan lacks cards that can deal high damages at low stars, and the fact that the clan features many conditioned cards, making it difficult to open the match. We made a modification to the kill shot ability of Valentina Ld, in order to make her a more fearsome card to be used as match opener.

Andy Ld has been supplanted recently by Arantxa in higher zones of EFC and by Sandro in mono clan decks for the other modes. We want to change her in order to create a card really fun, unique and with a good damage output, that Skeelz need for Z Palace. I hope you will like this new version!

Ulu Watu:
We decided to try and restore Chel in Polit Arena, as the clan is played very few there and we wanted to boost them a bit.

no change

no change

We will monitor closely the impact of all these changes, and we may do further modifications if the impact of these changes won’t be positive.
Unless very special cases demands it, the new update will come at the start of the next season.

Have fun! smiley

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The sky above Clint City is absolutely dazzling! What’s going on??
We can just about make out two figures now…
have to investigate to find out more but, according to the Sentinel
clan, who are on the scene, the first clue seems to be connected with
two CR cards turning Mythic...

It’s up to you to guess which characters these are and, in the process, you may well get hold of 2 brand new Mythic cards.

This marks the launch of our SUMMER SALE 2017 promotion!
two whole days, with every two Armageddon packs purchased, you’ll
receive 50 Gold Tokenz and droprate x2 on the big5 in the Gold coffer!
So, here’s wishing you a happy week of investigating!

maandag 26/06/2017

Hi Everyone,
The new EFC season kicks off today!

The main issue you raised was to do with the number of points needed to reach the Z Palace zone. This was thought to be too high, which explains why so few players had managed to reach it.

We have therefore made the following changes: to reach Z Palace, you’ll need 1,250 points rather than 1,500. This equates to 250 points per zone rather than 300!
Start date: June 26thEnd date: July 23th

This should make it easier for everyone to reach the higher zones and win the top prizes!
We’ll continue to distribute 10 cards (rare or LD ones) to the top 10 players of Z Palace every week, and 10 Mythic cards to the top 10 Z Palace players at the end of the season.

So, it’s highly likely that some new Mythic cards will make an appearance!
And saving the best for last! Tomorrow will see an update of the EFC list of bans.

Happy gaming!

PS: This week we'll be also taking a look to the season rewards: a few improvements may be done on those as well smiley

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Hi everyone,
We’re pleased to announce that we’ve added 6 new permanent mission for GhosTown. Why not take a look?
Happy gaming!

zaterdag 24/06/2017

Goeie clan,blijf winnen ermee

vrijdag 23/06/2017

After having discovered the festival of music in Clint City, the GhosTowns have decided to bring it all the way back to the Purgatory Saloon...

The Purgatory Saloon presents:
Artisanal barman, Burton!
The luscious dancer, Poppy Mary!
The voice of an angel, Guillotinette!
Crazy pianist, Ennio!

Get these characters in the shop's packs5 new missions have been added. Find the list of Flash missions by clicking on the Missions tab.

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donderdag 22/06/2017

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With regard to event packs and other operations, we’d like to inform you
that there will no longer be any deals on credits. These took place
when we were in partnership with Playdigious.

We are still by far the cheapest TCG on the market and our business model allows us to deliver high quality at very low prices.

The graphic quality of our characters and comics has clearly evolved, while our prices have not.

For example, a Titanium that used to cost 250 credits, can now be purchased for a mere 180 credits.

A Comic only costs €2, and we believe it is certainly not worth any less than that.

These credit promotions went totally against this sense of worth, which is why we’ve decided to put a stop to them.

maandag 19/06/2017

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16 CHARACTERS: 2 Rare, 2 Uncommon, 3 Four Stars and 3 Junkz GUARANTEED!
Cards you can find in the pack:

Oriold, Romana, D4 Funk, Locke, Qubik, Sasl Lovelace, Tremorh, Taham, Dash, Dawn, Stiko, Peeler, Carrie, Eebiza, Sferik, Skyler, T47, Flanagan, Gibson, Jarez, Sentogan, Trixie ,Vanish

Beeboy, Zoe, Willy, Angie, Fixit, Randal, Shogunn, B Bazooka, Doug Snop, Dud Z, Massiv, Sleam, Tasty Tast, Vermyn N, B Ball, Blidgey,Clifford, Dj Lberto, Kevlaer, Syd Noze

Fiddler, Clive, Lizzy, Elvis, Fraser, Gemmz, Wagner

Antoinette, Esmeralda, Maamoon, Pyro, Wolfang, Varoslav

El Mariachi, La cobra, El Mercurio, La Salerosa

Salsa, Greow, Cindy, Flea, Nahema

Lady, Josephine, Bianca, Maeva, Rhody

Raeth, Calliope, Sheryl

Lear Barduh, Dustyn, Stella

Marina, Ashley

Charlie, Ditha

Norma, Kenjy

Yaman, Nastanovix




Deaf Blake


vrijdag 16/06/2017

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Today, we're offering you the new LD missions a few days ahead of schedule.
This is in honor or our brand new GhosTown Legendary card!
So, roll up your sleeves because it’s time to sit down and play some cards with Wild Holiday LD!
Click here to view the missions:

Happy gaming to you all!

…and Jackpot! From 10am (GMT+2), make the most of a Tokenz promotion on the Titanium packs ONLY on mobile.
But be warned, the deal is only valid over the weekend...

dinsdag 13/06/2017

Hello guys!
Here there is a little update regarding EFC and Daily Tournaments.

On EFC, we decided to limit Surstorming and Flora to the first 4 EFC zones (up to EFC Tower).
We analysed carefully the meta in Polit Arena, where is now playing the majority of players at high EFC ranks.
We spotted a number too big of Roots and Piranas decks. Surstorming and Flora in particular featured match win rates and play rates extremely high.
For the sake of balancing of the mode, we thought it was best to intervene and try to fix this anomaly.The next update will come at the release of the next season.

On DT T1, we saw a dominance of La Junta mono decks.
We decided to try a swap, Thormund for Floyd, in order to reduce a bit their two-shots capabilities.
Also, we decided to remove from the ban list Lea. Rescue are now almost nonexistent in the TQ T1 meta, we would like to help them a little.

On DT T2, we saw a dominance of a trio of clans: Sentinel, Hive and Raptors.
In order to change the meta a bit, instead of banning other cards for them, we kept the same principle of the previous ban lists and we tried to restore some competitive cards to the least played clans.
This change is a test and an update will come soon if the results won’t be positive.


EFC: Flora, Surstorming Polit arena - EFC Tower / Baba, Gretchen EFC Tower - Polit Arena

DT T1: ban Floyd, unban Thormund, Lea

DT T2: unban Lyse Teria Cr, Marco cr, Guru cr

Good UR!

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Pack Card Pool:

- Marshal
- Impera Sloane, Rex Sweig, Drakorah, Zaria, Shaker, Wilde, Miss Sloane, Brutus, Quinzel, July, Walkie, Annie, Jason, Gum, Rocket, Capri, Deaf Blake, Moro, Scarol, Oakley, Ratchek, Hector
- Pilzken, Glover, Walker, Brianna, Naginata, Ray, Trish, Floyd, Gatline, Ed 12, Milena, Nahomi, Dacote, Dugan, Isatis, Keitha, Wardog, No Nam, Tolliver, Victor, Scooty, Iguana Samson
- Hawk, Pavel, Z Robbie, Earl, Geoffrey, Havok, Sammy, Coby, Melvin, Lehane, Owen, Mandy, Harvey, Flinch, Westwood, Judge Scare, Katja, Lacasse, Zhang, Smith, Luke, Morgan
- Leliana, Brody, Tuck, Shakra, Arno, Burdock, Yookie, Nova, Dyan, Gertjan
- Djengo, Wardom, Stalfhaust, Lin Xia, Z3r0 D34d, Bristone, Julia, Dr Saw, Dr Ergo, Boomer
- Lowki, Ruru, Sah Brinak, Friskah, Mahimatah, Suqi, Eleanore, Mottah, Annuqua, Tsuka

woensdag 07/06/2017

Hi there, Urban Rivals players,
Following the update to the LD missions, we promised some form of compensation to players who had paid to play in Arcade Mode’s Season 1. We have therefore added a HQ bonus to Season 1! It’s free, only accessible after having completed the 12 other adventures, but it will give you the chance to get your hands on a very nice reward indeed...
Good luck and happy gaming!

maandag 05/06/2017

In our next Comic, the smell of gunpowder, country music and cabaret dancers will transport you all the way to Purgatory.

So, pull on your cowboy boots, grab your hat and load your Colt, you’re sure to run into the Marshal.
And just a word of advice: he’s not the most friendly-looking guy, so take it easy...

The Comic is on sale for 40 credits and you’ll receive 5 pieces of gold as a reward... and yes, by that we mean Tokenz!


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