monday 26/11

Ty for the offers, this deal is now closed

sunday 25/11

Nero 0xp for 400.000 or trade with Bloodh Cr and Ursula and a small difference from me . It's not a problem if they are not 0xp.

1.9 M on market sales

I'm looking to buy Nero 0xp for same price smiley

Sold out

saturday 24/11

I have a crook and sledge CR for your Xantiax Robb

Crook + 200k

Hi, looking for Death Adder any xp for a 1.6m-1.8m ( for my 0 xp Maximus + cash )

My lyse cr (17m) for kiki cr (16.5m) and what ever of 0.5m br cash or trade offer

friday 23/11

2 messages

I offer 3M smiley

My sum sam cr 0xp
Pm mesmiley

thursday 22/11

I trade my Comanche 0xp for your Comanche full xp + 25k.
Send me PM if you are interested, please

wednesday 21/11

Update: Moai and Maana Cercei sold
I still have:
- 1 Regina 0 xp (89k)
- 1 Oraya 0xp (37k)
- 1 Salsa 0xp (60k)
- 1 Chel 0xp (90k)
- 2 Serafina 0xp (630k each)

I still interessed in
- Numar 0 xp (200k each) MAX 4
- 1 McLain any xp (530k)
- 20 Golrock 0 xp (10k each)
- 2 Captain Rescue 0 xp (100k each)
- 20 Serleena 0 xp (12k each)
- 3 Clarice 0 xp (80k each)
- 5 Hammerlock 0 xp (15k each)
- 4 Valhala 0 xp (115k each) NEW
- 4 Bruno 0 xp (64k each) NEW
- 10 Keile 0xp (13k each) NEW
- 3 Death Wing 0xp (43k each) NEW
- 20 Jigi 0xp (11k each) NEW
- 30 Kimba 0 xp (4k each) NEW
- 5 Djet 0xp (45k each) NEW
- 10 Calamity 0xp (33k each) NEW

As I said before I am open to hear other dealssmiley

Nemo Mt 0xp (4m) + Xantiax Robb cr 0xp (2.6m)+ Ymirah cr 0xp (1.8m) + Pr Cushing cr 0xp (650k) + Quetzal cr 0xp (650k) + Dregn mt 0xp (600k) + Romana 0xp (450k) + Maximus 0xp (400k) + Beeboy cr 0xp (380k) + Lee Long 0xp (350k) + Uchtul cr 0xp (340k) + Fiddler 0xp (350k) + Scarlacc 0xp (300k) + Shinobi 0xp (230k) + Impera Sloane 0xp (340k) + Tsubame 0xp (340) + Sentenza 0xp (350k) + Rage 0xp (450k) + Galactea 0xp (210) + 3.2m cash

tuesday 20/11

Diyo gone, found Beltran and Dwain!

Hi there! I'd like to sell or trade my B Mappe Cr 0xp

I value him 12 800 000 clintz (which is what I ask if you want to buy it entirely with cash). If you add one or more of the cards I'm looking for, the price can go down to 11,8 M

I'm looking for:
- Dragan Mt, no matter what xp, 9,5M
- Kerozinn Mt 0xp, 8M
- Vickie Cr 0xp, 4M
- Tessa Cr 0xp, 4M
- Sigmund Cr 0xp, 3,4M
- Armanda Cr 0xp, 3,2M
- Miss Twice Cr 0xp, 2,5M
- Berserkgirl Cr 0xp, 2,5M
- Flavio Cr 0xp, 2,3M
- Jim Cr 0xp, 1,2M

few examples:
- you offer me Dragan Mt (9,5M) + 2,3M cash = 11,8M, and I give you B Mappe Cr (12,8M)
- you offer me Dragan Mt (9,5M) + Armanda Cr (3,2M) = 12,7M, and I give you B Mappe Cr (12,8M)
- you offer me Kerozinn Mt (8M) + Berserkgirl Cr (2,5) + Flavio Cr (2,3) =12,8M, and I give you B Mappe Cr (12,8M)
- you offer me Dragan Mt (9,5M) + Vickie Cr (4M) = 13,5M, and I give you B Mappe Cr (12,8M) + 700k cash = 13,5M

I trade my No Love 0xp for your No Love full xp + 50k
Send me PM if you are interested

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