thursday 26/07

@Saga: Thats fantastic to hear! After I even left my comment, I realised it wouldn’t make any sense if you did have to purchase more chapters because then you’d be buying something which you wouldn’t be able to read straight away and if you did, then you’d have to then buy even more stuff. Either way, I have no issue with the energy model in the app. Plus after I ran out of energy for the first time, I genuinely was like ‘omg, I really want to read more!’ That shows that it’s an effective model smileysmiley

Either way, thank you for your praise smiley

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wednesday 25/07

Raptors: no change

Rescue: no change

Riots: #dr web resulted to be bit too powerful with the change we did last month. We decided to put her back as she was before, with 5-3 base stats. We also decided to restore Argos in place of Violet, to enhance the Riots utility as a support clan.

Roots: no change

Sakrohm: We would like to try and swap Ahseya with Baka. We feel like, at the moment, Sakrohm are a very passive clan, mostly used as a support clan for clans like Freaks or Berzerk. This swap should make them a more solid and offensive clan.
We will monitor the results of this swap closely.

Sentinel: no change

Skeelz: We are thinking about a big rotation for the Skeelz, trying to help their mono-clan and reduce the impact of the 3 cards block Arantxa, Sopiket, #beck-nena (yomi ld).
Compared to past season:
Xingshu OR Nekron, Dr Falkenstein, Dounia Mt and Henry coming to Z Palace, Miss Xingshu OR Navi, Kephren, Arantxa and Sopiket going down to polit arena.
We are not yet sure about this change, and we would like to hear your opinions about it.
For the meantime, we only replaced Sopiket with Henry to try and keep in check Skeelz as a 3 cards block.

Ulu Watu: no change
PS: The clan was rarely played, but a New Blood is coming soon for them… ; )

Uppers: The clan wasn’t played so much. It has a slight issue, having both Sean East and Gail Ld with the same kind of ability, reducing the clan roster of choices.
We considered two possible options: changing Gail Ld ability, or swapping Sean East to reintroduce Christelle.
Since Gail Ld is a quite popular option in Daily Tournaments, we decided to try the second option first.
If this change won’t be successful, we may try the other option instead…

Vortex: Similar scenario of Barden, we would like to try a swap C-Arib for #t-gaank.
C-Arib is a card a bit difficult to face, modifying a large amount of pillz both in the cases she wins or loses. We would like to see how the clan will perform without it, but c-arib will come back next month if this change won’t be successful.

Good UR smiley

monday 23/07

sunday 22/07

Goodbye tokenz bonus(?) or does it apply for the next DT? smiley

hot logo UR 57 messages

Naw hes new leader of the vortex smiley

saturday 21/07

Jeremy will also become cr

friday 20/07

Congratulationss on the prides of MOB!! Proud of you guys


Poisonivy89 got 3/4 too smiley

Grats itzzwan,you rock bro.Authenticity is a rare trait to come by so keep it up bro

thursday 19/07

This one is a good choice, congratz Hesp smiley

Congrats Darth!

I dont like Surv 3. Rewards are very poor. I sometimes played Surv 1, I want it back.

friday 13/07

Thanks a lot

thursday 12/07

You only get one card the first time you open the app. Its not meant to be a card each time you log in.

thursday 05/07

GT, Sentinel, Dominion and Frozn

I could not find it. So i have to say sorry an say the info is of my own oppinion.
Dam all that work i did for nothing.
I did tho find jaxx ld dase attack for each pill then marked every time he win or lose aginst every card in thie game.
i also took in to account the other cards bouns the also if jaxx ld didnt have his.
once every card 0-12 pillz had been counted as a win or loss for jaxx ld then took those numders th find the % he had.
it took me days but i cant find the web site that help me lear how to do it so I SORRY an have to say it is my oppinion.

sunday 01/07

hot logo UR 66 messages


wednesday 27/06

hot logo UR 47 messages

Dumb, random decision if you ask me. But i have 3 so whatevs....

tuesday 26/06

We hope you liked the Clint City News May-June issue and have enjoyed reading it.

Don't forget to give a look at the puzzles in page 68 and send the correct answers to AKP-Dragonfly to get a chance winning the great prizes!
Also, you may be interested in the Rowdy`s Party Sample from our author, Rowdy MOB Cr. Just swipe to page 54.
Moreover, fly to page 67 to read the backstory of a great upcoming fight in Clint City! Then, vote your desired Zaveli's opponent by following this link:
If you want to leave any comments, feedback or be part of Clint City News Staff, please send your message to:

Have fun!
Clint City News Staff

Hello UR players, these are the reasons behind the EFC Z Palace changes.

Freaks was definitely the most used clan. After them, a great number of other clans spotted very similar win rates and play rates. Some to match Freaks, some to counter Freaks.
We decided to nerf the Freaks and to buff the few clans that were in the bottom of the ranking, as well as touching the least played and performing LD cards.

- - - - -

For Freaks, we noticed how the majority of the players used the combination of Crazy Legs (opener card), Jezebel (defensive card) and Arturo (finisher card).
We think one of them shouldn’t be allowed in Z Palace; together, they make Freaks decks too solid and versatile, without any real counters.

Crazy Legs: we are reluctant to ban a New Blood card so soon, as we always want to give them a second chance to see if the players can adapt to them.

Arturo: we like cards like Arturo, as it’s not a card to be played in the first rounds to take advantage of the bonus, but more carefully at the right moment later in the match.
We think he is a nice offensive card that’s fun to play with, giving more depths to the freaks playstyle.

Jezebel: strong low stars damage reducer, Jezebel resulted to be too synergic with Crazy Legs and frustrating to play against.
She also permitted the creation of too unbalanced and effective 5-3 deck formations, a thing that made Freaks even stronger this season.

We decided to try and ban Jezebel to balance the clan, that now will need to be paired with other clans to obtain low-stars defensive cards, while keeping all of his offensive prowess.

- - - - -

On the lower side of the ranking, we made a slight modification to: Sentinel, All Stars, La Junta and Uppers

Sentinel: restoring Carmen in place of Scar
All Stars: restoring Crazy Carlo in place of Morrigan
La Junta: restoring Scooty in place of Spade
Uppers: with Christelle leaving the zone and the buff to the GHEIST and Roots LD cards, we think we can try and restore the previously banned Josephine in place of Sir Barks

- - - - -

Last but not least, we decided to make some slight modifications to the least played LD cards

Riots: changing Dr Web Ld stats from 5-3 to 6-2. This will permit her to wall against the low damage cards that otherwise would bypass her damage reduction, making her more polyvalent

Huracan: reducing Buga Baga Ld ability minimum from 1 to 0

GHEIST: changing Jaxx Ld ability from growth: -3 opp atk min 3 to +10 attack. This will make the card much more stable over the course of the match.

Roots: We get the feeling Bakuta Ld doesn’t get much usage as a wall for its low damages, while Krazan Ld ability would work better on a 2*.
We feel like swapping the abilities between the two Roots legendary cards could be the right solution to enchance them both.
Krazan Ld: From 7-2 regen 1 max 19 to 7-4 brawl: +3 atk
Bakuta Ld: From 7-2 brawl: -3 opp. atk min 3 to 7-1 regen 1, max 16

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