vrijdag 05/01

A wave of liquid has flooded Clint City! At first glance, there’s nothing unusual about that… But instead of coming from the sea, it’s coming from the forest… And it’s not water!

Clint City welcomes:
Gorgon, the Nightmare’s demonic creature!
Callie, the Rescue’s POLYMothER!
Bakko, the Roots’ faun!
Tannen, the GhosTown’s were-buffalo!

Get these characters in the shop's packs

5 new missions have been added. Find the list of Flash missions by clicking on the Missions tab.

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D-day has arrived!

So, without further ado, here’s the deal we’re offering you:
Every day, 1 CLAN feature pack to enable you to update your collection:
- Today: a Berzerk pack
- Saturday: a Frozn pack
- Sunday: a Huracan pack
- Monday: a Riots pack
- Tuesday: a Raptors pack
- Wednesday: a Hive pack
- Thursday: a GhosTown pack

And just to up the ante a little bit more during this crazy week, for every 2 Armageddon packs purchased, you'll receive 60 Gold Tokenz, which is double the usual deal.
You’ll then have twice as many chances to find the BIG 5 amongst them, and three times as many chances to get your hands on DJ Korr Cr!!!

This special offer will end on Thursday, January 11th at 10pm (GMT+1).

So, over to you!

Good luck and happy gaming!

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donderdag 04/01

News via Saga
Gepubliceerd donderdag 04/01, 15:09 via Saga
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Clint City, we’ve noticed that the price of cards has rocketed with the
overhaul of the market, the mythic passages and the Exclusive cards...

that’s just the start of it, as this year's all set to be pretty
full-on what with the arrival of the Leaders, new waves of LD and a new

So, the aim of these KNOCKDOWN sales is to allow you to make the most of all that’s to come.

Be sure to make a note of this date: tomorrow at 10am (GMT+1).

See you soon!

woensdag 03/01

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FINALLY it’s back! Allopass has now become Mobiyo and offers you a
simple and fast buying journey and a safe and secure method of payment.

You can use it on any device and it’s available to all users with a mobile bill.

To get an idea of how it works or to sign back up to it, follow this link:

donderdag 28/12/2017

Alleen dit weekend zijn er meer Tokenz te winnen in Survivor! Dit is de complete lijst:

1) 15 Gold 15 Silver 15 Bronze
2) 12 Gold 12 Silver 15 Bronze
3) 10 Gold 12 Silver 15 Bronze
4) 10 Gold 10 Silver 15 Bronze
5) 10 Gold 10 Silver 10 Bronze
6-10) 5 Gold 10 Silver 10 Bronze

As usual, these changes will be online from tomorrow at 16.00 until Monday at 10.00.

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woensdag 27/12/2017

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Good evening Clint City,
Here is EXCLUSIVELY our friend Kougloff available in the pack „Coal Christmas“ !
He will be available from now and during 48 hours.
he’s exclusive, he'll come directly in the Elite pack on 01/08/2018 and
then in all packs (except in New Blood packs) on 01/24/2018!
Good luck ! Merry Christmas and happy new year !

maandag 25/12/2017

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Good evening Clint City,
Are you sitting comfortably ?
We're going on board together to visit our favorite Frozn teddy bear...
He's got an interesting story to tell us. He'd even had entered the forbidden Orfanwood…
Do you like it ?
Here it goes : /shop/#tab-comics
Don't forget the Advent calendar and the missions to finish !
And last but not least, our dear Nemo becomes Collector… MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY !
We'll see you on the 27th for the special character.

vrijdag 22/12/2017

Once a year, Clint City stages the Ultimate Muscle Cup: a competition in which people compete in physical tests of every sort to decide who’s the strongest guy in town. And rumor has it that this year the All Stars have very special candidate who’s sure to win.

Clint City welcomes:

#Nemo, the Uppers' short-story writer!

Trash, the Jungo's janitor!

Sopiket, an aquatic creature on Skeelz terra firma!

Roderick, the All Stars’ mountain of muscle!

Get these characters in the shop's packs5 new missions have been added. Find the list of Flash missions by clicking on the Missions tab.

The profile box in the Uppers and GhosTown colors are now available! How do you get hold of it? Easy! All you need is 60% of the clan in question! Happy gaming!

dinsdag 19/12/2017

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Nemo arrives in the New blood packs on Friday, December 22nd with an enemy he’s been hunting down for years. It’s Captain Barden...

Barden is already in town. You could run into him in any of the rooms from 4pm today until 11am (GMT + 1) on Thursday. If you beat him, you’ll receive enough credits to buy the New Blood Christmas release... Good luck!

And as well as that, as we’ve already told you, Nemo will move up to Collector status at the end of the month, which means you won’t be able to sell or buy him on the Market between now and then.

maandag 18/12/2017

Hello Urban Rivals players,
Being a very young technology, we noticed our webgl may be a bit too slow on older computers. This may occasionally cause visual bugs, and in general it makes the fight animations run slower.
This is why we decided to lighten the webgl, giving priority to the FIGHT!
We are sure this change will make the playing experience better for everyone, and solve all your issues.
Good UR!

A new Arcade Adventure will be available today at 11.00!

The last and most dangerous prisoners of the Maze appear before your eyes. Death is hot on your heels while your allies confront his legions of resuscitated programs. It’s up to you to put a stop to the unleashing of DE4TH and the Apocalypse!

A big thank you to you all for having taken part in Arcade Season 4! 5243 of you have set foot in the Apoc4lypse! THANK YOU again!

vrijdag 15/12/2017

This weekend, we will modify the rules of the Tourney.

Special deck rules Tourney Type 1 / Type 2 :
Your Deck cannot contain any uncommons character.
Your Deck cannot contain any rares character.
No Cr, No Mt

Special Tourney additional rewards (Type 1 / Type 2):
1°: Tokenz x3
2°-10°: Tokenz x2

All the modifications will be online only in this specific weekend, starting from 12.00 (GMT+2) and until Monday at 11.00 (GMT+2)

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donderdag 14/12/2017

Hi there, Urban Rivals players, The following changes have been made to rebalance the EFC game mode.

[Card Name] - Previously, authorized up to zone X - Now, authorized up to zone Y
Butcher Braxton - Z Palace - Polit Arena
Tengu - Polit Arena - Z Palace
Ursula - Z Palace - Polit Arena
Faiza - Polit Arena - Z Palace

Ld cards reloaded:
Kommandon Ld
Dokuja Ld
Yomi Ld
Lianah Ld

Happy gaming to you all!

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woensdag 13/12/2017

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Awaken the force within you!
By playing KyloRenne you will boost your battle points x8 in Survivor mode!
The event starts right now and ends on Thursday 14th December at 11.59 PM (GMT+1).
Happy gaming! And enjoy the movie smiley

maandag 11/12/2017

We wanted him to have HIS own character, but our scriptwriter, our friend - Nemo, left too soon.
He will live in our hearts forever and always remain in Clint City.
his character today in a special pack, the profits of which will go
directly and entirely to the Oscar Lambret center for the fight against
cancer. Nemo is above all a tribute to our friend, which makes him
worthy of a Collector card.
Consequently, he will make a well-earned
transition to Collector a fews days following his New blood release.
Farewell, my Captain.

*Every time you get hold of a Nemo card,
the cost of the credits is donated to the Centre Oscar Lambret. There
will therefore be a very high drop-rate in this pack.

Near to ST4RVE, communication systems and electricity are grinding to a halt, plunging the town into total chaos. The programs are quickly deteriorating around your friends who cannot act against him. You’re the only one who can do something!

A new Arcade Adventure will be available today at 11.00!

vrijdag 08/12/2017

“This is June with the news from Clint City. Witnesses have spotted a mysterious, mauve creature devouring buildings not far from the Vortex HQ. We ask you to remain vigilant. A further strange occurrence has taken place with sightings of the Piranas behaving in a very panicky manner and boarding many more ships than usual… One might almost say that all this unrest has somewhat sidelined Cosmos’s apocalyptic sermons...”

Clint City welcomes:
Barden, the Piranas’ dead-man-walking!
Ford, the GhosTown standard bearer!
C-Arib, an immortal Vortex creature!
Cosmos, the Sakrohm’s visionary preacher!

Get these characters in the shop's packs5 new missions have been added. Find the list of Flash missions by clicking on the Missions tab.

Following this NB release, here are the changes that have been automatically made to EFC:
C-Arib, Cosmos, Ford and Barden can now be played in all zones.
T Gaank, Rahmzay, Powaqa can no longer be played in Z Palace, but they can still be played up to zone Polit arena.
Naele, Aleister, Sheryl can no longer be played in Polit arena, but they can still be played up to zone EFC Tower.
Krung, Nata, Taljion can no longer be played in EFC Tower, but they can still be played up to zone Danger zone.
Onyx, TrinmkkT, Tula can no longer be played in Danger zone, but they can still be played up to zone Chocomuscle ring.
From now on, Heegrn Cr, Phonos Cr, Aktara can only be played in Dark corners.

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maandag 04/12/2017

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Berserkgirl Cr and Cannibal Jo Cr are in the Bronze chest ! And if you want some boost, take a look at the shop smiley

W4r has rewritten the code of all the neighbouring programs, causing them to embark on a path of blind destruction and annihilation. Do you have the courage to confront him on the battle field?

A new Arcade Adventure will be available today at 11.00!

vrijdag 01/12/2017

Every day of December is a true delight in Clint City: the city is in
full party mode and even more chaotic than usual! Just imagine that
every day you will be able to retrieve gifts from the Christmas tree
(link here https://www.urban-rivals.com/special/avent/) and from the daily Flash missions found on the website.
In addition, there is a chance of stumbling on a random Gold Collector
in the Bronze and Silver chests!

As we were saying, the Christmas period is a perfect mess, no less
on account of Kougloff, whom you will discover in the Comic story “Coal

So don't forget to drop by every day to collect your gifts and try
your luck with the Collector chests... not forgetting the free Christmas
card... on the 25th... if you complete EVERY daily mission

To sum it up:

- Advent Calendar on the website

- daily missions with the Christmas card as the ultimate reward

- jumbled up Collector chests...

This all starts today!

bewerkt door Saga vrijdag 01/12/2017, 10:36

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