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friday 24/11/2006

saturday 18/11/2006

Cool bearshare im using it gnutella rocks!

friday 17/11/2006

Wow thx for a new fang pi clang member *__*

wednesday 15/11/2006

Ok you know what would be a cool upgrade is if admin staff can create their own battle rooms to manage their own tournaments...and set a cover charge to the people that enter so that the winner of the tournament or podium position players get some winnings

friday 27/10/2006

The founder of the GHEIST Clan, Sigmund GHEIST , announced today that, as his presence is not needed anymore by the Clint City branch of his global crime organisation, he will soon leave town to focus on the development of new activities. As soon as he learned this information, Copper asked Melissa to leave town as well, in order to keep an eye on Sigmund. Both characters will stop being available in packs from the shop as of Friday, November 3rd, but will still by usable normally by players who already have them. Note that thoses characters are no longer distributed on registration.

monday 23/10/2006

Four new characters are available! Ambrose, a quiet citizen turned into a flesh hungry zombie and Dwain, a mad scientist, join the Nightmare, while secret agent Jim infiltrate the Uppers and his colleague Beltran seeks the help of the Roots.

All these characters are avaible in the Packs from the shop!

sunday 15/10/2006

friday 13/10/2006

Following the return of kiki, we changed the way the percentage of the collection you own is calculed.

This percentage is now based only on the number of cards currently available in the packs. You don't need to have the collectors to reach 100%. But, if you have the collectors, you can go over 100% and reach 101%, 105% etc. (yes, Nintendo was an influence here).

We also add a Cr after the name of each collector (instead of the 2004 that you didn't seem to like that much)


Kiki, one of Clint City most famous fighter, is now back in town, in a brand new edition. The card has new stats and is playable in ELO mode. It doesn't replace the old card, now named Kiki 2004 (as it was released first in 2004!) that remains Collector. This new card will allow player who had no hope of getting the Collector version to add Kiki to their collections.


Can you check out that your computer is set to the correct timezone, not just the correct time?
We did some testing and it worked fine for us.

wednesday 11/10/2006

Why is everyone in the Stafff using a Jamaica flag?

monday 09/10/2006

Meet Terry, a young and promising golfer, Bhudd, a true bowling god, Flo, a jet ski addict and life long enemy of the Ulu Watu , and last but not least, Kimberley, the angry cheerleader you'd better have in your team rather than against you. All these characters are available now in the Action and Newblood packs from the shop.

wednesday 04/10/2006

I wish

sunday 01/10/2006

wednesday 27/09/2006

saturday 23/09/2006

monday 11/09/2006

Ya not pab pritty cool going to the sport look.

friday 08/09/2006

Keep an eye on both newspapers.

saturday 02/09/2006

Methane is so awesomesmiley i wonder how good his evolments are... i hope there not like bunny she turns into a fricken werewolf but shes hot in the first two evolutions

wednesday 30/08/2006

Euh nah, at level 4 he wears a red long heelded shoe as a mask (resembling the beack and the red thing under the beack of a rooster (dont know the english word)) and in his right hand he is wearing an empty bag resembling tail feathers

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