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monday 14/12/2020

Thank god Jungo and Rescue felt awful to face and Sue should have been off the banlist a while ago. Glad for the Bangerz nerf too, but they really didn't need another buff with the Skinny Bob changes.

sunday 13/12/2020

hot logo UR 149 messages

Just a fyi, im not defending UR but they said mechakolos would turn mt but didn't mention when, going by pervious mt event history with lelena, the event was held on the 8th of October and then went mt 12 days later on the 20th of October. That's 12 days later, maybe mechkolos will go mt within a week or so, remember it's only been 5 days since the event ended.

saturday 12/12/2020

So looks like impera either just gave her son a pet or she left the desert and might be leavin the city hmmm but we definitely need gerdahs ice dragon as a card next no hands down

God damn it

I take a week break and I lose out on this.
And not to mention how much the game is getting destroyed. smiley

friday 11/12/2020


monday 07/12/2020

I'm curious to see how Hive will do now that C0re is banned. She played a pretty standard role in most decks. I guess the 4* spot can be filled by Lumia maybe? Even Pillzinator can be good. We will see.

Floyd being banned again sucks, but understandable as he was a really good round winner. Naja Ld getting changed adds more use to her outside of just the first round. Tying the pillz to the opponent balances her and she's still good to do 2 turn wins with the rest of the clan.

Akrakk being banned was only a matter of time. Power manipulation with high damage that can quite literally decide the game needed to be taken care of. Plenty of counters to him but if those counters aren't present he puts in work.

On the topic of reintroducing Rage into the game I feel like that's a mistake. They'd be bringing in a low star nuke. You could bring #Kolos back with Nightmare only because he'd be a 5 star investment and there are many counters for high star cards. At 3 stars Rage is cheap to a decks count. Not only that, you guys just introduced Banzai that can nearly perform the same, just not as often.

For the Skeelz, banning Schredder is a necessary move but it will hurt the clan way more than anything. Unless the New Blood at the end of the month has as good an impact, Skeelz play won't get any better

Happy hour never heard of it lmaooo

friday 04/12/2020

CookieSpirit, talk about a weird name.

wednesday 02/12/2020

Fomalhaut Ld is straight OP now. He should get to at least min 2 ( if not min 3 ) to keep him fair for ELO.

sunday 29/11/2020

saturday 28/11/2020

Wow Gascabel really is so much fun in the mode

if you have Gasc, Exotico, Kinichaw, + DRs like Guacamol, El Jaguar

your opponent will be extremely anxious in early rounds to pill against your Huracan so you don't have a huge bonus
Quite easy to call overpillz or perfect pill. Nice playstyle

I just got OHKOed by Pandemos in Survivor today. It was nice.

friday 27/11/2020

I didn't know this event would only be up a couple of days smiley

thursday 26/11/2020

hot logo UR 58 messages


monday 23/11/2020


sunday 22/11/2020

No bulgaru i think they arent atm

saturday 21/11/2020

I liked that one too. There is another one 25 wins in ELO = random Rare. Ye, the reward is underwhelming, but still, I am happy about such a BM.

tuesday 17/11/2020

There hasnt been since May. Apart from getting the Supreme rank.

Bought Merrick and never got to try him out. smiley Another useless 3* to throw on the pile...smiley

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