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sunday 11/10/2020

Cortez going mt confirm

thursday 08/10/2020

I pulled 2 Nadia(amongst other things)so I gotta say this pack is alright lol

monday 05/10/2020

Thank god galileo got banned. Riots dont need him as they are already a strong clan in the format

Im not a competetive player so I wont aim to win but its nice to see it carry on. smiley

friday 02/10/2020

A 50m nb rare bm mission

thursday 01/10/2020

Mr. Fudge better give her Miss counterpart new art because her last two levels; level two & three, shows her having big bulging thighs! smiley Congrats for her win, Pussycats really need a Miss card in their clan!! smiley

monday 28/09/2020

I hope so

friday 25/09/2020

New arcade
Eeok ld -komboka 8/1 posion 1 min.1

tuesday 22/09/2020

No way @(((- ))) I got 4 tickets in 50 spins yesterday, two back to back haha

saturday 19/09/2020

I got into this game as Jungo arrived that is almost 12 years ago I think

thursday 17/09/2020

Forget the Occulus...staff is the real Bond villain...


tuesday 15/09/2020

monday 14/09/2020

logo UR 27 messages

Golden wave was 15 cards going cr.

It was staff way of making all the OG clan leaders that was left from 2006 cr. Eyrton Cr, Bodenpower Cr, Don Cr, Charlie Cr and Zlatar Cr were the last 2006 leaders that was still in the game. Staff made those five + 10 more cards being, Valhala Cr, Gibson Cr, Nobrocybix Cr, Romana Cr, #Vixen, Shakra Cr, ZRobbie Cr, Corvus Cr, Hemdall Cr and Sandro Cr. All these cards became cr at once.

five bombs hit clint city at once and made these characters disepear at once.


sunday 13/09/2020

I am also of the opinion that Repent should be banned. It's very close in power to being a 4* Jam&Earlxxt

2 Maximus from the wheel just hours before he becomes cr.

wednesday 09/09/2020

Not yet, but soon(tm).

sunday 06/09/2020

logo UR 29 messages

Well there's s few notice that make them fit into Ur universe

saturday 05/09/2020

friday 04/09/2020

New blood today

I'm guessing Sakrohm, Montana, Paradox and maybe GhosTown

tuesday 01/09/2020

Keep the 1000+ crypto and increase the clintz reward smiley

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