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You've just arrived in Clint City's most famous street, known as the RIFT... This street is never the same and you're going to have to explore its deepest rifts to escape.
Alone, you're going to have to fight with all your might and mane to survive. And if you lose, you can restart your adventure all over again!

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In this merciless speedrun, you'll discover that with each change of cycle, the games change, as do the Perks available to you.
Each twist and turn offers new combinations, forcing you to evolve your characters to be able to constantly adopt a new fighting strategy.
Recruit, train and lead your team as far as possible, so you can cross the mysterious rift!

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Advance, fight and collect your rewards in this merciless adventure in which all your decisions have consequences.
Designed for maximum replayability, the procedural fights of this mode invite you to get back up again after each defeat to confront new challenges based directly on your own Collection!

Combine your clans

Urban Rivals World is composed of two separate gameplays: a "speedrun" solo game and the Pillz Multiplayer mode.
In both sections, you will have to fight, collect the cards, evolve it. It’s up to you to choose which side you lean the most, but one thing is certain: the strategy and the characters will dive you into an unusual universe and into a trading card game with almost infinite possibilities!



The SENTINEL forces of law and order, the ALL STARS' athletes, the HURACAN luchadores, the RESCUE medical staff, the FANG PI CLANG martial art specialists and the LA JUNTA soldiers are the muscle defending the city!

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Clint City culture comes from the streets - from the super rich UPPERS' downtown, the BANGERS' working-class neighborhoods, the JUNKZ's more radical areas, the dark alleys of the MONTANA mafia and the PUSSYCATS' nightclubs!

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Five clans battle together to protect nature - at sea for the ULU WATU, in the forest for the ROOTS, on the islands for the KOMBOKA, in the mountains for the FROZN and in the zoo for the JUNGO!

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In the BERZERKS’ crazy motel, the RAPTORS' post-apocalyptic desert, the PIRANAS' pirate ship, the PARADOX's asylum for artists and the FREAKS' sick circus, everyone has lost their mind!

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The cursed DOMINION toys, the students of the SKEELZ academy, the goths from the NIGHTMARE manor, the phantom GHOSTOWN cowboys and the OBLIVION shape-shifters all have supernatural powers!

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Very dangerous, futurist technology is in the hands of the HIVE rebel warriors, their VORTEX nemesis, the SAKROHM alien sect, the RIOTS' steampunks and the GHEIST'S evil scientists.

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Find the entire
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