What is Urban Rivals?

Urban Rivals is a free, multiplayer, online game that does not require any downloading to your computer. After registering on the site, each player receives eight characters which allow him/her to play and have access to all the game features.

Urban Rivals is a rich world with hundreds of different characters, high-quality design, humor and a minimum of violence.

Perfectly suited to children of 12 years and over.

Strategic fights:

Players confront one another using their characters. There are different game modes available and each game lasts an average of 4 minutes.

Throughout the game, players can win extra characters or buy new characters using a virtual currency.

A living community:

Players can exchange thoughts about the game and make friends by sending messages and using the Urban Rivals' forum.

A secure environment:

All public messages are screened by our professional moderators before appearing on the site to avoid any possible misuse (vulgarity, players' photos, racism, inappropriate language, etc.).

Players can flag up anyone behaving inappropriately. The sanctions put in place by our support team range from banning player communication to total account closure.

A team of professional moderators:

The game is overseen by community managers whose two main tasks are to respond to player requests and to manage on-site behavior. They are assisted by a team of voluntary moderators selected from among the players

Requests sent to the support team receive a reply in less than 48 hours.

The importance of personal data:

On registering, only an email address enabling the player's account to be validated is required.

Moreover, no personal information is collected without the site user's knowledge, nor communicated to third parties or used for unauthorized purposes. By providing their email address, your child will not therefore receive requests from sources outside the game.

The Shop:

Registration to the game is free. It is therefore possible to play and access all the game features free of charge. However, you can use the online shop to purchase extra characters in order to complete your collection.

Purchases from the shop:

Purchases made at the shop's site are fully secure. There are a variety of quick and easy payment methods depending on your user preferences.

Customer support:

Our customer support team is at your complete disposal for any question relating to the use of the shop. Requests sent to the support team receive a reply in less than 48 hours.

To contact our customer support team, click the following link:

How can I contact someone if I have a problem?

Simply send an email to our support team at support@urban-rivals.com and you will receive a reply within 48 hours.

Is my child at risk of having his/her credits or characters stolen?

To avoid this type of problem, it is important to clearly explain to your child to not disclose any personal information pertaining to their account, such as their password.

In the event of such a problem, our moderators have the necessary means to track down the thieves and to reinstate stolen characters and/or credits.

Is there a minimum age for playing Urban Rivals?

We do not advise this game for children under 12 years of age as we feel they are unable to understand certain strategic aspects of the game and to make the sometimes complicated calculations required.

What advice should I give my child?

- Do not disclose personal information such as passwords, even to team members.

- Talk to your children to find out which sites they visit and what they do there.

Set a daily time limit on gaming to ensure your child does not spend too much time sat in front of a computer or television screen.

Who runs Urban Rivals?

Urban Rivals was set up by a team of professionals passionate about video games. The company is based in Paris and has some twenty or so employees. We are mainly all parents and therefore fully appreciate the importance of children's safety on the web.