Our priority is to offer our players an outstanding quality of service. Should you have an issue, question or suggestion, please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

NEVER DISCLOSE YOUR PASSWORD TO ANYONE (even to a member of staff)

Disclosing your password makes you accountable. Should a problem arise, we will be unable to retrieve your stolen cards, etc.


the classic game system

In the PvP modes of Urban Rivals, you have to bet Pillz on characters to finish the match with more Lives than your opponent. Some characters require a lot of Pillz to win, but have a huge impact on the game. Others allow you to neutralize the opponent's best assets, or to recover Lives or Pillz. It's up to you to bet on the right characters according to your strategy, while anticipating the opponent's strategy!

the strategy refinement tutorial

To deepen your techniques, you have the PvP GAMEPLAY section, and if you want to get your hands dirty, there's only one place to go: the game mode called the DOJO!

ranked battles

For the most competitive players, 3 "player versus player" (PvP) game modes are open continuously:

-EFC (elo fighting championship), a bi-monthly strategic competition with an elo ranking that evolves according to your results
-Survivor, a ruthless mode where the goal is to achieve the longest winning streak.
-Tourney, an intense speedrun with a new tournament every hour.

game formats

Each game mode (or room) requires a specific format, here is the list of official formats:
-T1: less than 25* in the deck
-T2: more than 26* in the deck
-T3: minimum 35* in the deck
-EFC: the competitive mode of the game, with its weekly vote system to ban too strong cards, available on the MODES page
-FREE FIGHT: completely free mode

And other "custom" formats for all custom events, available on the EVENTS page.


the city and its clans

The universe of Urban Rivals focuses on Clint City, a crazy city that is the scene of clashes between 34 different clans.
Each of the clans has a specific theme and story, ranging from steampunk to medieval fantasy, piracy, mafia, martial arts...
Anything is possible in Clint City, for better or for worse! Collect the over 2000 characters present in the game, and discover their stories:

-in the character and clan biographies
-in the staff announcements
-with our webtoon (webtoon link)
-and finally, on the Comixzone page (!

the new bloods

On Fridays at 11:00 Paris time, every two weeks, 4 new characters are added to the game. These are the New Bloods!
The New Bloods release is a must-attend event for collectors, as these new cards have a very high market value at the beginning of their distribution.
But it's also a must-attend event for competitive players, who can test new options for their decks and thus renew the meta.

Attention: New Bloods are not the only new cards we create.
Keep an eye out, as other exclusive cards can be released at any time!

card rarities

There are many types of rarity in Urban Rivals. Here they are, in ascending order of rarity:
-Commons. Commons are the cheapest and most distributed cards.
-Uncommons. Uncommons are more expensive and less distributed than commons, but still very accessible.
-Rares. Rares are the most expensive cards that can be obtained in packs. Exclusive cards are rare cards.

-There are two special cases among rare cards: Leaders and Oculus. Leaders and Oculus are obtained by leveling up, or can appear as bonus characters in packs, but are less distributed than normal rares.

-Legendaries (Ld). Legendaries can only be obtained through special missions or specific paths in The Rift, and cannot be sold on the market.
-Collectors (Cr). Common, uncommon or rare cards can become Collectors during a Cr passage. They are then no longer distributed in packs, and their market value increases. In the game's lore, the corresponding characters leave Clint City.
-Mythics (Mt). Collector cards can become Mythics during a Mt passage.
They are then no longer distributed anywhere, neither in packs nor in rewards, and their market value increases.
In the game's lore, the corresponding characters change status or disappear."

Card's Evolutions

XP is the resource that allows you to evolve cards.
Evolving a character costs 500XP between level 1 and 2, 1500XP between level 2 and 3, 3000XP between level 3 and 4, and 5000XP between level 4 and 5.
If you don't have enough XP left in your reserve, you can evolve your characters with clintz. To earn XP, simply play and the XP gauge will fill up.
The XP gauge has a limit, which increases each time you level up.
The limit can also be increased through Clubz bonuses.
Be careful, some characters may be more advantageous in their semi-evolved state, especially in formats with star limits.

Visit the character page to discover all the evolutions of a character and choose the one that interests you!

Prismatic versions

The Urban Rivals collection is unique because it consists of two distinct collection versions: the classic collection (which groups the different clans with regular New Blood releases), and the prismatic collection which features the same cards but in shiny versions.

Prismatic cards are primarily a cosmetic addition, but they are also highly sought after as trading items, due to their high market value which can reach between 5 to 10 times the value of their classic counterpart.

Occasionally, "Black Market" missions offer the opportunity to craft multiple copies of a classic card to obtain the corresponding prismatic version.

your team: the DECK

To build your deck, use the side panel of your Collection or Pro Collection. You can filter the cards with many options and use the search bar to find the powers/bonuses or characters that interest you. By selecting a format in the side panel, you can create a deck for a specific combat room or event.
If your deck turns red, it means that at least one rule of the format has not been followed. You can see the format rules in the side panel, right next to the format's name.
Once you've built your deck, save it and it will appear in the 'My Decks' tab. You can then modify it as much as you like.
Be careful, you are limited to a number of different decks depending on your COLLECTION GRADE, so don't forget to delete the decks you no longer need.
Finally, if you have no idea what to play, you can consult the public PRESETS, sort decks by room or clan, and copy the decks that interest you.

your COLLECTION rank

The player's progress depends on the percentage of Collection owned.
By collecting more cards, you can increase your collection GRADE. With 14 ranks to climb, you can improve your cards by getting more experience points (20,000 base and 3,000 for each new rank reached).

In addition, you can create even more decks thanks to the increased number of available slots (5 slots initially and +2 for each new rank reached). So don't hesitate to add new cards to your collection to progress!

Show off your decks with the Presets

The Presets are quite simply decks that players publish.
For example, you might publish a deck that you've had a run of successes with in Survivor mode or a top place in a Tournament. There's something for everyone, from the strategic to the most fun, and they're a great source of inspiration if you don't quite know where to start!
And if you have the cards in question, you can copy the deck with just one click of the mouse!
Happy gaming!

the COLLECTORS ranking

Here's how YOUR POSITION in the Collection ranking is calculated:

-10 points per card evolution
-60 points per Legendary card owned

In case of a tie, the one with the most duplicates of all cards combined takes the lead!


How do we do it?

The Market in Urban Rivals is an essential place for purchases, sales, and tracking card trends. It's a place where wild speculation takes place, similar to a stock exchange, where the biggest businessmen make deals. From time to time, the market stirs due to classic cards suddenly becoming Collector cards or Collector cards becoming Mythic cards!

When a card becomes Mythic, it means it is no longer distributed and can only be found exclusively on the market. This is when prices soar, often up to millions of Clintz!

The Market also houses Prismatic cards, the other facet of the collection, in a shiny version. These cards are considered gems and are often worth between 5 and 10 times more than their classic version. The Market is an essential place for all Urban Rivals collectors and traders.




Every character has a Power (the blue icon) that allows them to win the round! To help your character win, gamble on them using Pillz!
Your character’s Power is multiplied by the number of Pillz you use to form your Attack! Pillz x Power = Attack.
If your character has more Attack than the opposing character, they win the round and inflict their Damage (the red icon).
Each Damage diminishes your opponent’s number of Life points. If you have more Life points than your opponent at the end of the 4 rounds, or if you leave them KO by using up all their lives, you win the match!
Over to you! Use your Pillz on your card! But be careful, you’ve only got so many of them!


A lot of cards also have an Ability, visible just below the Bonus.
Unlike Bonuses, Abilities are specific to each card you play. So, there’s no need to play two characters from the same clan to activate them!
To get started, use these Power and Damage modifications! Over to you!


There are a lot of clans in Urban Rivals! They each give you a particular advantage on one of the game aspects: Attack, Power, Damage, Pillz, etc. This advantage is the Bonus!
The Bonus is activated when you fight with at least two cards from the same clan!
You can see the Bonus at the bottom of each card. It’s the same for every card in a given clan!
Over to you! Win this fight with your active Bonuses!


Just as some cards modify Life, others modify Pillz.
These modifications can also be negative. In general, they are then applied to the opponent and the ability will say “Opp.”. For example: -2 Pillz Opp. Min 1.
Negative modifications always have a Minimum (Min). Below this minimum, the effect no longer activates!
Sometimes, the positive modifications can have a Maximum (Max). Similarly, above this Maximum, the effect no longer activates!
Use these Pillz manipulators to your advantage (they work best at the start of a match)! Over to you!


Some characters modify their Attack or their opponent’s Attack using their Ability and/or their Bonus.
Unlike Power modifications, Attack modifications are activated after the Pillz have been played. As a result, they don’t vary based on the number of Pillz you play.
Example: Rowdy Cr played with the free Pillz will make 6 x 1 = 6 Attack, +12 with his Ability = 18 Attack. Every extra Pillz played on him will increase his Attack by 6.
Make these Attack modifications work for you! Over to you!


Wow! Take a look at that card! Its Power and Damage are humungous! Better not take any chances!
Try and KO your opponent before they play Nero!
Tip: by pressing here, you release Fury! Fury uses up 3 of your Pillz giving 2 more Damages to your character!
It’s a risky strategy but Fury can help you make quick work of the fight! Over to you!


Some abilities are not applied during a round but at the end of it.
This is the case with Life modifications. For example, +3 Life gives the player controlling the card 3 life points, but only after the card has won the round.
Conversely, the Defeat abilities like Defeat: +3 Life only activate if the card has lost the round.
Your opponent will almost certainly try to lose the round to activate his Defeat abilities! Over to you!


Just like Stop Opp. Ability and Stop Opp. Bonus, Cancel allows you to cancel adverse effects, but only ones of a specific sort.
For example, Cancel Opp. Power Modif. allows you to cancel all the Power modifications that the opposing card has, whether they’re in Ability or Bonus.
The same principle applies to the other types of Cancel abilities (Damage, Attack, Pillz and Life).
But be warned! A Cancel Opp. Life Modif. only cancels a permanent effect (like Poison, Care, Toxin, Regen) during the round in which it is played. The effect will be reactivated in the following round. The same goes for Cancel Opp. Pillz Modif. up against a Dope or Consume.
Note: Cancel Opp. Damage Modif. does not cancel out a Fury. Over to you!


A mechanic has been designed to counter the Stop Opp Ability and that is the Stop mechanic.
If an Ability is preceded by the word “Stop:” as in Stop: +3 Life, then it will only activate when up against a Stop Opp. Ability.
But remember: the Stop mechanic does not activate against Cancel cards!
Make your Stop cards work for you! Over to you!

Stop Ability/Bonus

As its name suggests, a card with Stop Opp. Ability cancels the opposing Ability, irrespective of what it is.
And similarly, a card with Stop Opp. Bonus cancels the opposing Bonus, irrespective of what it is.
Make the most of the strength of your Stop Opp. Bonus and Stop Opp. Ability! Over to you!


The “Copy” Ability allows you to copy one of the characteristics of the opposing card.
Copy: Opp. Bonus allows you to copy the Bonus of the opposing card, if it is active.
Copy: Opp. Damage allows you to copy the starting Damage of the opposing card, without taking into account the Damage modifiers caused by other Abilities or Bonuses.
Similarly, Copy: Opp. Power allows you to copy the starting Power of the opposing card, and Copy: Opp. Power and Damage is a combination of the two!
Make your Copy cards work for you! Over to you!

Pillz/Life per Damage

Characters +Life per Damage and +Pillz per Damage can totally turn a match around! For every damage inflicted on an opponent, they win back a Pillz or Life for the player controlling them.
The more damage there is, the more dangerous these cards are! Fury can be useful here… Over to you!


A character with Poison will take away Life points from the opponent at the end of each round, after the round in which it was played. Example: if Sylth Cr wins round 1, he will take away 3 lives from the opponent at the end of round 2, 3 and 4 up to a minimum of 1.
A card with Care does the exact opposite: it wins back lives after the round during which it was played. For example, if Mina wins round 1, you’ll retrieve 1 life at the end of rounds 2,3 and 4 up to a maximum of 15.
If two Poisons or two Cares are activated, the second one will replace the first. But a Poison and a Care can be active at the same time.
Over to you! Make Poison and Care work for you!


Protection allows you to immunize one of your card’s characteristics against reducers or the Stop Opp. Ability/Stop Opp. Bonus! Protection is therefore a weaker version of Cancel.
Protection: Attack protects your character against all attack reducers. Similarly, Defeat: Damage protects you from Damage reducers and Protection: Power protects you from Power reducers. Protection: Power and Damage is a combination of the two!
Protection: Bonus protects your Bonus from Stop Opp. Bonus, but not from a suitable Cancel or Protection card.
Similarly, Protection: Ability protects your Ability from Stop Opp. Ability, but not from a suitable Cancel or Protection card.
Protection can also cancel out the negative effects of a Leader! Over to you! Use Protection to come out on top!


Here are two other mechanics: Confidence and Revenge!
A Confidence ability activates if you won the previous round!
A Revenge ability activates if you lost the previous round!
As a result, these two mechanics cannot be activated in the first round! Use your Courage and Reprisal cards at just the right moment! Over to you!

Per Pillz/Life Left

The “Per Life Left” mechanic multiplies your ability by the number of Lives you have left before adding Pillz to your card.
Similarly, “Per Pillz Left” multiplies your ability by the number of Pillz you have left before adding Pillz to your card (without counting the free Pillz).
With Lady Ametia Cr, you will therefore have 13 Power in the first round (1+12)! And with Scooty, your Attack will increase by 12 points! Winning Lives or Pillz during the match will strengthen these effects. Whereas, losing Lives or Pillz during the match will weaken these effects!
Now try to optimize your cards Per Pillz/Life Left! Over to you!

Per Opp. Power/Damage

Here are two other mechanics that multiply your Ability: Per Opp. Power and Per Opp. Damage
The Attack boost of the cards in your hand is multiplied by the starting Power and Damage of the opposing card.
For example, when up against a card with a starting Power of 8 and a starting Damage of 5, Mel-T has a 16 Attack Boost and Kalija has a 10 Attack Boost. For example, when up against a card with a starting Power of 5 and a starting Damage of 8, Mel-T has a 10 Attack Boost and Kalija has a 16 Attack Boost.
Use your Per Opp. Power and Per Opp. Damage cards at just the right moment! Over to you!


With the Defeat: Recoup Pillz ability, you’ll recuperate Pillz at the end of the round, depending on the amount of Pillz you played on the losing card.
Defeat: Recoup 1 out of 2 Pillz allows you to recuperate half of the pillz played on the losing card, rounded down to the nearest unit, with a minimum of 1.
Similarly, Defeat: Recoup 1 out of 3 Pillz recuperates a third of pillz played and Defeat: Recoup 2 out of 3 Pillz recuperates two thirds of Pillz played.
Conversely, Death Adder's ability, Recoup 1 out of 2 Pillz, allows you to recuperate your Pillz if you win!
Try to see how many Pillz you can recuperate with these cards! Over to you!


“Power Exchange” and “Damage Exchange” are more powerful versions of the “Copy Power” and “Copy Damage” abilities.
The starting Damage and/or Power of the two cards are then exchanged, even if the opposing card has a suitable Protection ability.
However, if the opposing card has a suitable Cancel ability, the Exchange is cancelled out!
Just one thing: if an Exchange card is up against another Copy or Exchange card of the same type, only your Exchange ability will work!
Win this fight using the Exchange cards! Over to you!


Some abilities only activate under certain conditions.
For example, a Courage ability only activates if the card is played first in the round (before the opponent plays their card).
Conversely, a Reprisal ability only activates if the card is played second in the round (after the opponent has played their card).
Use your Courage and Reprisal cards at just the right moment! Over to you!


The Consume and Dope mechanics work in the same way as Toxin and Regeneration, but they affect Pillz! Consume and Dope abilities can be activated at the same time, and with other effects affecting Lives.
Over to you! Make Consume and Dope work for you!


Toxin and Regeneration are strengthened versions of Poison and Care: they take effect straight after the round in which they are played!
For example, if Drak wins round 1, you’ll retrieve 1 life at the end of rounds 2, 3 and 4 up to a maximum of 16.
As with Poison and Care, a Toxin and Regeneration can be active at the same time.
Over to you! Make Toxin and Regeneration work for you!


Among the mechanics that multiply in effect are Growth and Degrowth.
A Growth effect is multiplied by the number of rounds in which it’s played: x1 in round 1, x2 in round 2, etc.
A Degrowth effect is multiplied by the number of rounds remaining at the moment it is played: x4 in round 1, x3 in round 2, etc.
Use your Growth and Degrowth cards at just the right moment! Over to you!


Here is another mechanic: Equalizer.
An Equalizer effect is multiplied by the number of stars on the opposing card: x2 against a 2*, x3 against a 3*, etc.
Use your Equalizer cards at just the right moment! Over to you!


Other mechanics allow you to increase your Ability and Bonus. This is the case for Support and Brawl.
An effect in Support is multiplied by the number of cards in your hand that belong to the same clan as the card in play!
An effect in Brawl is multiplied by the number of cards in your opponent’s hand that belong to the same clan as the card you’re up against!
Make the most of the strength of your Support cards and use your Brawl card at just the right moment! Over to you!


The Killshot mechanic is the hardest to activate, and the most dangerous!
To activate your Killshot, you need to win the round with at least twice as much Attack as the opposing card!
Make the most of your Killshot to remove as many Lives as possible from your opponent! Over to you!


Some Abilities are dangerous for you! The cards with these abilities generally have very good starting stats to make up for it.
This is the case for Backlash abilities, that cause you to lose your own Lives or Pillz.
This is also the case for Defeat abilities: +X Opp. Life that gives lives to your opponent if you lose the round.
Over to you! Tip: to avoid giving your opponent the advantage, try playing your cards against a Stop Opp. Ability or an appropriate Cancel ability!


The GhosTown clan has introduced a new mechanic: the Night and Day cycle! In Clint City, time moves forward more quickly than in other places: Night and Day each last for just 4 hours!
To see whether it’s Night or Day in Clint City, look on the left of the main menu bar: there’ll be a sun for daytime and a moon for nighttime!
But remember: the Abilities and Bonuses change as it moves from Day to Night, and vice versa!
Over to you!


the solo adventure: RIFT

Go explore the infinite alleys of Clint City!
Each station of this capricious metro will transport you to a different and unpredictable environment.

You will participate in 7-card battles against 7, choosing from 6 factions with their respective bonuses (Guardians, Urbans, Activists, Psychos, Supernaturals, Technophiles) and Leaders to boost your team: it's another way to play Urban Rivals without being too unfamiliar with the gameplay.

Your goal, if you accept it, is to go as far as possible with what you have in your card collection, pushing back the enemies you will encounter at each station.

You can defeat them by upgrading during the fights, but don't forget to take rewards from time to time!


Each station you pass through will give you experience (RIFT XP).
The further you go, the greater the XP reward will be!
These experience points will gradually increase your level in Rift.
As you level up, you can choose skills to unlock in the talent tree (SKEELZ TREE).
They will allow you to diversify your gameplay and go even further. During your adventure, you may come across special paths made up of one or more stations.
You will quickly recognize them by the colors and icons that symbolize them.
To find them, you must have certain skills, be lucky, or meet specific conditions.

Explorer Ranking

Each path you complete will give you rewards, validate an achievement and give you points for the Explorer Ranking.
This ranking highlights players who have traveled a lot and discovered paths in Rift.
As a bonus, the first player to discover a path will have their name permanently inscribed on it!


How do I complete my missions?

Missions offer you various objectives to complete in exchange for numerous rewards. There are 5 types of missions:

-Daily. These missions are refreshed every day and offer simple objectives. Sometimes you can also find Black Market missions, which involve selling characters to Kate.

-Bi-monthly. These missions are refreshed every two weeks. Among them are Ld missions, 7 missions that come out every other Friday and grant Legendary cards or Credits. There are also missions in ranked mode, which reward your progress in EFC, Survivor, and Tourney.

-Adventure. An adventure is a series of missions that unlock one after the other. These missions vary in duration and content, depending on the theme of the week, for example.

-Seasonal. These missions are refreshed every season, which is every 8 weeks. Among the seasonal missions, there is one mission for each clan.

-Base. These missions remain permanently. Among them are level objectives and a basic objective for each clan and game mode.

In addition to their rewards, most missions grant mission points that allow you to climb the mission season leaderboard.
Every 8 weeks, players are rewarded for their ranking in the previous season, and a new mission begins.


What can I find there?

The Urban Rivals Shop offers 5 different pack options. First, the New Bloods pack costs 28 credits and gives five characters from the last 45 characters, with at least one guaranteed rare. These cards are highly sought after and profitable to resell on the Market.

The Elite pack costs 40 credits and gives seven characters, with at least one guaranteed rare, and the choice of four desired clans. The Titanium pack costs 180 credits and gives 34 characters, with at least seven guaranteed rares, and the choice of four desired clans.

The Armageddon pack, which costs 340 credits, gives 65 characters, with at least 16 guaranteed rares, and the choice of five desired clans. Finally, the Rainbow pack, available at an affordable price of 6 credits, offers a random card from all the cards in the game.
Occasionally, thematic packs are offered with special formulas, either for a specific time of the year, to introduce a new exclusive character, or both!
It is important to note that Collector and Mythic cards are not found in packs, but only on the Market. The Shop also offers Credits, which are the virtual currency used to purchase packs. Credits can be obtained by playing battles or completing missions, or by purchasing them directly through the various offers available in the Shop.


The official DISCORD channel

On our Discord, you can share your gaming experiences with other players, ask questions and get help from more experienced players, delve into the game's lore and discover the story of characters, clans, and events in Urban Rivals, and gain access to exclusives such as announcements of new cards, sneak peeks of events, and gifts for community members.

In addition to this, the UR Discord is a friendly and welcoming place where you can meet other passionate players, exchange game strategies, organize tournaments, and participate in community events.

To join the official Discord, simply click on the invitation link available on our website or in the game.

Once you're in the Discord, feel free to introduce yourself and ask any questions you have in mind. We are here to help you get the most out of your gaming experience!

Join us now and dive into the thrilling universe of Urban Rivals:

Hanging out on the SPOT

If you prefer a more intimate bubble, there's the alternative of the SPOT!
Here, sharing the best decks, pack openings, rewards won during a tournament takes priority, but it's also the place for surprise announcements, false information leaks, and a bunch of other cool stuff! To keep it going, you can follow players, and they will follow you back.
The more relevant content you post, the more players will enjoy following you. Although Urban Rivals is present on major social networks, we like the idea of keeping this small space on the game's homepage.

Create and share content on FANDOM

Find Urban Rivals content created by the community!

Videos, live streaming, podcasts...
If you want to create content and be listed, just ask on our official Discord:

Play with friends in EVENTS

Are you an experienced and competitive Urban Rivals player looking for new challenges?
Why not create your own custom event, with unique and original game formats?
By creating your own event, you can propose custom rules, specific decks, thematic challenges, and much more. You can invite your friends and other passionate players to participate, creating a friendly and fun game room for everyone.
Unleash your creativity and show other players your talent and passion for Urban Rivals.
So, what are you waiting for?
Create your own event now and join a dynamic community of passionate Urban Rivals players:


What is a CLUB?

The creation of a CLUB is free:
Once the Club is created, you can access it in the CLUBZ submenu.

To keep the CLUB active, it must have at least 4 players, otherwise it will be automatically deleted after a maximum of one week.

Each Club has its own Level and corresponding Grade.
The Club level increases based on individual actions in the game of active members in your Club (fights and market transactions).
There are 6 grades that correspond to your Level:
-GANG (Level 0 to 9)
-MAFIA (Level 10 reached)
-CARTEL (Level 20 reached)
-CORPORATION (Level 30 reached)
-MULTINATIONAL (Level 40 reached)
-CONSORTIUM (Level 50 and above reached)

Each Grade reached will unlock access to Bonuses that all active Club members can benefit from.
As a reminder, a Club member will be considered active if they have played in the last 7 days.

The management of club members, bonuses, etc. is done directly on the Club page.


My Collection rank

Player progression depends on the percentage of the Collection owned.
Here is the list of the 14 ranks:

-Novice rank
-Senior rank (2% of the global collection)
-Veteran rank (5% of the global collection)
-Hero rank (10% of the global collection)
-Master rank (20% of the global collection)
-Guru rank (30% of the global collection)
-Imperator rank (50% of the global collection)
-Titan rank (70% of the global collection)
-Colossus rank (85% of the global collection)
-Legend rank (85% of normal cards + 100% of Legendary cards)
-Divinity rank (Legend + 100% of Collector's cards)
-Eternal rank (100% of the collection)
-Supreme rank (Eternal + 10% of the Prismatic collection)
-Absolute rank (Supreme + 50% of the Prismatic collection)

My gameplay level

Player progression can also be defined by the stages reached in the game through your experience.
The level is represented by a number and a purple gauge.
By fighting, you will earn BATTLE POINTS and thus increase your level, quite simply.
By reaching certain milestones, you will obtain Leader characters and then Oculus.


Secure my account

Once your email address is confirmed, you will have access to the Market to start selling/buying/negotiating between players.
A confirmed email address means that the account is secure.

Certify my account

Have you reached the Eternal rank, and have a clean moderation history for at least 6 months?
Then you can claim the blue "authentic account" badge.
To request it, contact Customer Support here:


Urban Rivals is a mini social networking site and as such you can follow players and be followed, enriching your chats and shared experiences through private messages or SPOT (see under the COMMUNITY tab)


I'm lost, how do I find my way?

If you're brand new, lost, or just returning to the game after a long absence, we have a tool that can help you get up to speed quickly. The TIMELINE page (game chronology) traces the history of Urban Rivals since its creation, highlighting the most notable events in the game's history.
With this page, you can follow the evolution of the game over the years, discover iconic characters, clans, major events, and significant updates. You can familiarize yourself with the game and catch up on everything you've missed.
Whether you're a new player looking to understand the basics of the game or a returning player wanting to get back up to speed, this page will be of great help.
You'll be able to pick up the game where you left off or start off right, without feeling overwhelmed by a mountain of content.

Don't hesitate to check out the game's TIMELINE page and discover everything Urban Rivals has to offer: XXX

Find my identifiers

Have you lost everything? Was your account stolen?
Are you trying to login but have had a memory short-circuit?
If so, try this link:

The search bar

Need help?
First step: search!
Using the website's search bar, type in a keyword, a username, a guild name, a clan, and search among the results!
With all the content, there's definitely an answer to your question!
Still nothing?

The Moderators team

They've been here since the beginning of the game, so make the most of them and ask for their help!
They're listed on this page, by country, and are specifically there to help you out as they know all the tricks of the trade, or almost:

Customer Support

As a last resort, the Customer service team is here ( )!
They'll get back to you within 24 and 72 hours max.


Who are we?

You can find all the necessary information about the company ACUTE GAMES on the official website, available at this address:

Follow us

To keep up with the latest news from Acute Games, the publisher of Urban Rivals, follow us on:


Stay informed about new features, events, and game updates, and join a vibrant community of passionate players.
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